Microsoft Sam Quickies
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Making a new series: Microsoft Sam Quickies
Making a new series: Microsoft Sam Quickies By. SamJoe404
5 months ago - 24 views
[YouTube Publish Date: October 13, 2019] Suddenly, out of nowhere, Microsoft Sam decides to make a new series called "Microsoft Sam ...
Bacons bacon birthday
Bacon's bacon birthday By. SamJoe404
5 months ago - 20 views
[YouTube Publish Date: November 11, 2019] This is the 75th video I've uploaded to VidLii. It's Bacon's 17th birthday today (2019-11...
2020 and Microsoft Sam
2020 and Microsoft Sam By. SamJoe404
5 months ago - 28 views
HAPPY NEW DECADE!! It's now 2020! Let's celebrate with revealing what exactly took place at Cyberwindow Studios during the decade switc...
Windows 7 is dead :(
Windows 7 is dead :( By. SamJoe404
4 months ago - 33 views
It's Patch Tuesday of January 2020. Microsoft Sam knows that Windows is going to demand restarts to install updates, so Sam gets out hi...
Leap Day
Leap Day By. SamJoe404
3 months ago - 20 views
Microsoft Sam is excited, for it is now March. That means that the end of winter and beginning of spring is soon. However, what Sam doe...