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Kazemaru (3 weeks ago)
Oh you voted for Biden. You're a democrap!
14AR15sRule88 (3 weeks ago)
MusicGirlYuzu (1 month ago)
I'm not a furry and you're an NPC. Stop listening to that neocon brony Ghost. He's a puppet of the Deep State.
GamblingCapitalist (1 month ago)
They wish I weren't their daddy, because I'd whip them with my fucking belt! Them quoting shit like that is why we need more realism and not make believe! You know they're ugly! They probably tried to date a cheerleader, but were rejected! They do wax their carrots to anime bitches no doubt! I hope they get cancer of the cock too! I hope a black person beats the shit out of them if they say the n word to them!
GamblingCapitalist (1 month ago)
They do deserve to get beaten! I'd love to take them to the fucking woodshed! Of course no one gets it, they make stupid quotes we never heard of! Any woman that plays video games, watches anime, or reads dorky comics is a fucking ugly! They probably don't, some probably just wax their carrots to anime bitches! Those dumb fucks would never say the n word or scream the n word in the hood, because they know they'd get the living bajesus beaten out of them!
PinkPrincess (1 month ago)
I see that M00kieMafia found his way to your page, he's 37 and still lives off his parents and that's not all, he's also a narcissist that wants to hurt teens and taxpayers and he can't even accept accountability for his own faults... he's just a childish and insecure little man
SpringfieldPervert69 (1 month ago)
MusicGirlYuzu (1 month ago)
I'd rather play YuGiOh Duel Links that watch Assy McGee. Aqua Teen and Ronot Chicken are better shows. You're a dumb broad. Go get wet to that Barbie movie, trailer trash neo con!🚡🚮
Fallconn (1 month ago)
Iloveyouallblessingx (1 month ago)
jesus christ is not real sir. it made up lies
like satan claus .. i know because you cant question it.
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