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Fallconn (1 month ago)
This bitch is a nasty piece of work
GamblingCapitalist (1 month ago)
I agree they're some of the biggest manchildren! I'd kick my boot so far up their asses, they'd be coughing up fucking leather! That's the thing, they mention shit no one fucking gets! Besides their stupid dorky selves! Any woman that's attractive would never do that shit! They likely are awkward, they probably don't even know how to talk to women! They should listen to Ghost's datelines! You know they don't have the balls to say the n word to a black person in real life!
GhostTAR (1 month ago)
Greetings, I'm Ghost from Earth-235 and I love anime. BTW, Christie can't win. Only Liz Cheney can defeat Biden. The Keepers of Time want that and I am here to fulfill the prophecy.
GamblingCapitalist (1 month ago)
They are autistic manchildren! I wish I could punch them in the damn face! They probably watch stupid dumbass beta superhero movies, no doubt! Any female above a 5 wouldn't be caught dead watching anime and playing video games! I know they couldn't get a woman like you, they're probably awkward as fuck! They don't have the balls to call blacks the n word, they're fucking keyboard warriors that spam "oh, n word, n word!"
M00kieMafia (1 month ago)
Katsumi (1 month ago)
GhostsPetWeasel (1 month ago)
Fuck you! Taylor Swift can create peace between Israel and Palestine. You just want WW3 because that Kremlin backed moron supports it. SHIELDGhost knows our country is better being run by Taylor Swift and Ezra Miller as our House Speaker. I can't wait to see the look on your face when we have a non binary house speaker. And fuck Christie, that fatass should stop obsessing over poo poo, it's disgusting.
GhostsPetWeasel (2 months ago)
Taylor Swift is a fucking conservative you dumb broad. You support a man that's obsessed with scat and is a pedophile. I'm glad Batman locked Krispy Kreme in prison. He kept talking about wanting to eat Taylor Swift's poop on Twitbook. If you don't know what Twitbook is, Facebook and Twitter merged in my universe. ARNIE 2024!!!
GamblingCapitalist (2 months ago)
I fucking hate that NickAdamsALT and those SHIELDGhost assholes! You know those assholes are manchildren since they still mention "Oh, I'm from a different universe" I HATE THAT SHIT! Real girls and women don't watch anime of play video games anyway! They can't get a woman like you, that's why they threaten to rape you! Once blacks rise up against anime cons, maybe they anime tards might improve themselves and learn something from the brothas!
RINOHunter (2 months ago)
It was a joke. Calm down you broad.
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