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GhostsPetWeasel (2 months ago)
Yeah I am from the DC universe. Bruce Wayne filed a restraining order against me because I took a shit on his lawn and then I broke into his house and masturbated to Taylor Swift's music videos. Man every time I see her barefoot and I can't help but stroke my cock.
NickAdamsAlt (2 months ago)
Ma'am, how many times do I have to tell you I'm from a different universe. And SHIELDGhost is the real deal. He put General Trump in jail for trying to destroy democracy. And SHIELDGhost can turn your husband into rat meat. He's so Alpha that not even Chuck Norris wants to fuck with him.
GhostsPetWeasel (2 months ago)
sniff sniff! You are pretty. You should date my master SHIELDGhost. He can travel through dimensions. He actually traveled to the DC universe. That's where I'm from. Oh and the Ghost from TCR is a Russian backed oligarch.
GamblingCapitalist (2 months ago)
They are successful! And all these damn trolls trolling you likely aren't! Video games cause instant gratification, no wonder gamers are lazy! Trump ain't gonna win! They're like the typical millennials, always giving fucking excuses for everything! They're must mad you're a woman that hates anime and stupid nerd crap, and you also can think for yourself! Blacks should rise up against anime cons! Those white incels need to be uncomfortable!
NickAdamsAlt (2 months ago)
I can give 3 good reasons to marry me.

1. I'm friends with Ghost.
2. I'm an Alpha male with drink Bud Light and eats Ben and Jerry's.
3. Me and SHIELDGhost defeated Thanos, Osama Bin Laden and General Trump (this was back in my other universe).
Katsumi (2 months ago)
Me tew
Ryoko (2 months ago)
I'm good troll though.
RINOHunter (2 months ago)
I bet you shit the bed like Amber Heard.
Jubei (2 months ago)
Bring it on, Karen.
NickAdamsAlt (2 months ago)
As a proud alphamale, I support repealing the second amendment. Innocent kids are dying.

If you are voting for Biden over Trump, join my group F.A.G. We will welcome you with open arms. BTW, you should divorce your POS husband and date me, Nick Adams s proud Alphamale and conservative avenger.
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