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Prepper, Patriot and Independent Commentator
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GeordiePrepper commented on a video (8 months ago)
I'm Back! - Channel Update November...
@GONEforNow Ok man, my iMac broke completely and I had to build a Windows PC, so I'm just getting back into things properly again.
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GeordiePrepper commented on a video (1 year ago)
Wednesday Weekly World News - 7th F...
It can be good to take a break, just come back when you are motivated to do so. We'll be here when you do come back :-)
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GeordiePrepper commented on a video (2 years ago)
"God Will Sort the Dead" Route Twea...
Damn, used to love playing Marathon, way back in the 90's.
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GeordiePrepper (2 years ago)
Well, I report on things happening in the World, but I am a Prepper. I just discovered Vidlii and wanted to upload my most recent video as a test really. I'm going to upload my video's from another video site and so people can get a feel for what I have covered regards to prepping and other topics. Thanks for dropping by, be safe and prepared.
4dojo (2 years ago)
Welcome to vidlii. Are you thinking of making a reporter channel?
GeordiePrepper (2 years ago)
Hi all, I just discovered VidLii. I'll post and introduction video when I can :-) Thanks and be safe and be prepared.
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