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⪼⪼Each kundalini yoga session can work with any deficiencies and problems related to the body and psyche. They are cleansing and healing through a specific structure of exercises (kriyas). ≪≪
❢Join my practice all who are interested and open mind and heart to deep self-knowledge and healing.❢

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I will also put together an individualized complex for the recovery or rehabilitation of your body or just as a preventive measure. Don't be afraid of the word yoga or kunadlini-yoga. These are exercises that consciously, mentally and physically change and revitalize you and your body. It is like a sport, but very conscious and exciting. I want to stipulate right away (so as not to waste your precious time) that an individualized complex may not be free. Contact me through my website and we can always make an arrangement.

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I send you rays of kindness and love.💙

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