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i quit youtube
Perfectly understandable.
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Get Susan Wojcicki fired | #YouTube...
I don't understand why YT has such a grudge against small content creators.
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Subs And Flubs (Comedy Pod-Cast) 2 ...
Uh oh. That didn't sound good.
LAWBORN commented on a video (4 days ago)
YouTube Is Removing ALL Monetizatio...
Every time I turn around youtube is raking small time creators over the coals. I never monetized my account and never made a dime so, it doesn't affe...
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JReviews (2 weeks ago) Hey!, How's it going
InsanitySurfers (2 weeks ago) I have Zira who sounds identical to your Cheyenne. We can private message here and you can ask me what you want her to say and I can E-Mail you the audio clips if that will work.
LAWBORN (2 weeks ago) @InsanitySurfers It looks like Cheyenne has lost her voice for a while. The site is down again and the temporary text to speech program has erased itself.
MrATAndreiThomas (2 weeks ago) Happy new year bro
TheVideoGamer64 (3 weeks ago) Oh cool. I added my opinion on an upcoming game called Red Dead Redemption 2. :)
TheVideoGamer64 (3 weeks ago) Thanks and ok. How are you today?
ChrisExile (3 weeks ago) Test
8TracksMusicMan648 (3 weeks ago) Thanks and yep, I'm a huge fan of retro gaming and other old technology. :)
8TracksMusicMan648 (3 weeks ago) Yep, I'll still use TheVideoGamer64 more than this one, I've been having this channel for two months now and I decided to grow this channel even more, recently. :)
8TracksMusicMan648 (3 weeks ago) Hey buddy this is TheVideoGamer64's other channel. What's up?
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