On March 31= END ON VIDLII!!!
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Jun 11, 2017
Weather project will be discontinued on March 31 on VidLii due to low interest and video views.

The newest videos are only available on my website!

You can only chat with me then.

Please don't subscribe me anymore. There will be no more videos!

A farewell videowill be available on March 31!
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NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. U­čî░ #3: Das...
Leider Asynchron, gebe dir volle Sterne f├╝r die Unterst├╝tzung bei VidLii :)
Lightstorm91 #VidLiiGerman #VidLiiDeutsch (1 day ago)
Lightstorm91 Sorry I didn't upload any new videos on this platform! I just don't see why I have to keep uploading videos here! Visit my website for new videos! (1 day ago)
Lightstorm91 Updates - Mar 22, 2019: -9 days until the farewell video (1 day ago)
Lightstorm91 commented on a video (1 day ago)
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XBoxGamer64ization (1 day ago) Cool. I'm playing an awesome song by an American band called The Supremes, they were popular in the 1960s. :)
Lightstorm91 (1 day ago) @XBoxGamer64ization I once looked for Vaporwave on YouTube and heard. It's part of this 80s music. Maybe I could like it, Brian.
XBoxGamer64ization (1 day ago) That's good. Do you like old music?
Lightstorm91 (1 day ago) @XBoxGamer64ization I'm glad too :)
XBoxGamer64ization (1 day ago) Thanks man and wow that's cool. :)
Lightstorm91 (1 day ago) @XBoxGamer64ization Oh, very nice. Then I wish you good luck. On Monday, my work starts again at the cemetery :) I'm a trained cemetery gardener.
XBoxGamer64ization (1 day ago) Oh okay. I had a good day, I got my haircut and my beard shaved for this Monday coming, getting prepared for a job program to help me find a job. :)
Lightstorm91 (1 day ago) @XBoxGamer64ization Definitely not today. Let's see if it could be fun tomorrow night. Maybe I'll meet a buddy there.
XBoxGamer64ization (1 day ago) That's good. Have you done anything fun lately?
Lightstorm91 (1 day ago) @XBoxGamer64ization So far okay
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