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Sep 23, 2021
Hello everyone, I am known as TheVideoGamer64 on YouTube, Vidlii, and other sites, but this channel was called TheRetroGamingMan64, but now it's called SSG48Resurrected

On this channel, I'll be making videos related to retro gaming, from the Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System era to the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3, and X-Box 360 era. Every now and then, I will add some gameplay of the games of the Nintendo Switch games that I own in my collection. I hope y'all will enjoy my channel, if y'all did, feel free to comment, like / rate my videos, and subscribe to see Retro Gaming content on here for now on. Enjoy everyone and KEEP ON GAMING! :)

SegaSaturnGamer48/TheVideoGamer64 signing off! SEGA!
United States
Making Profits On Random Stuff.
Collecting Video Games, Trading Cards, & Collecting Pocket Knives
Any Western Movies, Horror Movies, You Name It, I Love It.
Classic Rock, Classic Country, And More! :)
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@StarBomberRevice2021 Cool. I love the Original X-Box as well. I still do and that's cool. :O Awesome that your game store sells both retro and new g...
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Welcome to my channel everyone. I was known as SegaSaturnGamer48 on
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Endlessky (3 weeks ago) aww thank u for the compliment D8 you have nice channel too!! Iā€™m good and you? ;w;
ThatSmokinCat23 (1 month ago) Pretty okay, man, how about you?
StarBomberRevice2021 (1 month ago) hey,how are you today:P
Markhoss (1 month ago) Don't worry about activity mate I am even worse and have a fun week also weekend is coming soon so hopefully you have a plan I might go ice skating with my mom if all goes well.:-)
SSG48Resurrected (2 months ago) Hello everyone : Update Part 2, On this channel, I'll show my gaming content that I do on TheVideoGamer64 channel, I will do some exclusives here and there on this channel. 2023 is a special year, especially this upcoming April since it will be 10 years since I came back to YT and made a channel called SegaSaturnGamer48. While my other channel will be remain the same (my TheVideoGamer64 channel), I'll use this as my second! :)
SSG48Resurrected (2 months ago) I'm back on my TheRetroGamingMan64 and thought that my SegaSaturnGamer48 (now TheVideoGamer64 channel is 10 years old.) I am celebrating 10 years of the SegaSaturnGamer48 / TheVideoGamer64 channel, so I'm resurrecting my channel on my TheRetroGamingMan64 channel and put on TheVideoGamer64 channel! :) I'll update my channel description sometime this upcoming week! P.S. SEGA!!!!!!
Slutgear (4 months ago) Hello Atari fan! :) Not sure if you're still active on here but I LOVE retro gaming.šŸ¤šŸ’›
Markhoss (5 months ago) Hmm I am thinking what might help you out VGLetsPlays64 (VideoGamer) If I added my own thing it would be 32BitMarkhoss but that would be copying you and I could never do that without your support I wish you well bro thank you for delivering videos!
HoriSkys26 (8 months ago) what happened to your old channel?
666 (1 year ago) ji
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