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Age: 18
I am SamJoe404, a computer geek from Tennessee who makes 4K, family-friendly, TTS comedy videos on YouTube and VidLii, usually starring Microsoft Sam.
This VidLii channel will be used for mirroring my YouTube channel for now, just in case something unforeseen happens. However, I might make special videos for here and probably upload some videos here earlier than on YouTube.
Due to VidLii's 2GB file size limit and 20 minute limit, some of my videos from YouTube must be either rendered in a lower quality (I'm thinking 1080p) or broken up into parts.
Interests: Video Editing, Computers (hardware and software)
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Microsoft Sam fails at Tech Support From: SamJoe404
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SamJoe404 commented on a video (1 month ago)
Microsoft Sam fails at Cooking
I started uploading this yesterday and it just now finished. (Would've uploaded sooner if my computer didn't go to Sleep Mode.)
SamJoe404 commented on a video (1 month ago)
Microsoft Sam fails at Programming
This video took literally almost 7 hours to upload. My internet connection is pretty slow right now.
SamJoe404 I decided to delete the #MSreas videos because they have some things that really need to be changed. Whenever I make a Miitomo version of MSreas Season 1, I'll reupload S1E1 and S1E2 in that form, as well as upload S1E3, S1E4, S1E5, S1E6, and S1E7. Meanwhile, you may expect to see the #MSfailsat videos next. (I got 22 more videos aside from that Video Editing video!) (3 months ago)
SamJoe404 commented on a video (5 months ago)
Microsoft Sam's Classic Windows Err...
This is the last episode of Classic Windows Errors I have for now, but stay tuned for videos from other series.
SamJoe404 commented on a video (5 months ago)
Secretsoft Dan's Classic Windows Er...
Only one more Classic Windows Errors episode after this.
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FOOLBOX (3 months ago)
hey tahts epic
CommodoreCrusher9000 (6 months ago)
Oh hi.
DadudeLII (6 months ago)
Hi samjoe rember me Dadude from Youtube i finally got a Vidlii
TheROFL98 (6 months ago)
RandomGuy (6 months ago)
welcome to vidlii joe
Martinike (6 months ago)
Dope channel!
OSSLii (6 months ago)
EpicTacoLii (6 months ago)
Hi there.
SuperSwirliiTitan198 (6 months ago)
Oh. Hello, SamJoe. (that rhymed lol 🙃)
Mondo099 (6 months ago)
Welcome To VidLii
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