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Unleash your creativity!!

I am SamJoe404, a computer geek from Tennessee who makes 4K, family-friendly, TTS comedy videos on VidLii, Vlare, and YouTube, usually starring Microsoft Sam.

Currently, this VidLii channel is being used as a mirror of my YouTube channel. However, it's likely that this will become my main posting ground eventually, along with Vlare. If YouTube smites my YouTube channel with "for kids" restrictions, then I will immediately switch to here and Vlare. I wouldn't leave YouTube completely, but I would upload most videos here much earlier than on YouTube. A short collage of each respective video would be uploaded to YouTube at the same time the full video is uploaded to VidLii. After one month, the full-quality video would be published on YouTube (linking back to VidLii).

Due to VidLii's 2GB file size limit and 25 minute limit, some of my videos from YouTube must be re-rendered either in a lower quality (1080p in most cases) or into multiple parts.

!!NOTICE!! I have a comment and channel standard for this channel. Please read it here before commenting:


Interests: Video Editing, Computers (hardware and software)
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Microsoft Sam fails at No Description...
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Microsoft Sam reads errors and sign...
This video joins S1E1 in coming back to this site after being removed for needing additional work. The next episodes of Season 1 will appear on the si...
SamJoe404 commented on a video (1 week ago)
Microsoft Sam reads errors and sign...
This video is back on VidLii after being pulled for needing to be re-worked.
SamJoe404 The last MSfailsat episode that is currently on YouTube is now up! Next up, MSreas Season 1's return to VidLii! (1 week ago)
SamJoe404 Thank you all for the big increase in subscribers! :D (2 weeks ago)
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Microsoft Mike fails at Dinner
@BloxStarProductions1 They're doing a lot better here now than they were previously.
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SamJoe404 (8 months ago)
I love how customizable this site is.
SamJoe404 (8 months ago)
I finally got a VidLii lol
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