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That Yoshi with the Blue Helmet
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Oct 20, 2018
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"Witness the Creative Side!"

Hey, what's up Yoshis? That Yoshi with the Blue Helmet's the name. Welcome to That Yoshi with the Blue Helmet Studios, your home for TTS comedy, technology, gaming and music! If any of those are your kind of thing, this channel is the place to be!

Don't expect a lot of videos to be uploaded - VidLii is only my hobby plus I tend to be very busy.

WARNING: Some of my videos may NOT be family friendly as they might contain strong language and other content which can be considered unsuitable for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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COMMENT WARNING: I do NOT accept rude comments, chain letters, spam, godmodding, pestering or cringe comments!
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TYWTBHonVidLii Alert: You may soon lose the opportunity to watch TYWTBH Studios Originals on YouTube due to their stupid ToS additions on December 10th. To avoid getting fined, this will possibly result in the closure of my YouTube channel and the move to another video publishing site. Fucking hell YouTube, your Kids app is enough for kids! You are trying to censor us with this upcoming change! (5 hours ago)
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