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Ziad xiloveanime721x that's all people do. Block. I change my mind about Ziad not to leave. I hope he leave. (1 day ago) (2 weeks ago)
Ziad "you shouldn't leave if other people leave aswell!!!!" then what should i darning do anyways? waste my time and get no feedback or anything? no thanks (3 weeks ago)
Ziad what is EVEN the actual reasons for known users to leave? (3 weeks ago)
Ziad i don't even know why am i still here anymore. there is literally no population on this darn website anymore. all the amazing users on here leaves this website, then b@@m,,, the rest of the users leave too,,, except for few normal users and many trolls. this is just dumb. really. what should i do now? delete my account? (3 weeks ago)
Ziad die (3 weeks ago)

is vidlieye