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Jun 13, 2018
while i used the name iloveanime721. i'm actually former chaoxdarkness. i aandon the name some time ago
United States
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animekid1111 commented on a video (1 day ago)
vidlii? or is this really about soc...
@j0oj where i'm coming from is. yes. the reason why vidlii is as it is today. the same goes for youtube. a once popularity site. the reason why things...
animekid1111 became friends with ache461 (2 days ago)
animekid1111 commented on a video (3 days ago)
my reasons for for hating alot reli...
@Alice45 atheist is still some form of religion. it also makes humanity self-idol. better than on another. this is a different generation but real wor...
animekid1111 commented on a video (4 days ago)
my reasons for for hating alot reli...
@Alice45 because....the enslaved system. the uncle tom blacks IS the one repeated their own pitiful traditions of abusiveness. this is why Xers is eff...
animekid1111 commented on a video (4 days ago)
my reasons for for hating alot reli...
@Alice45 simple. cause some of them are traditional IDIOTS! people cause .massive suffering to our generation. then people have the nerves to talk a o...
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CrystalFairy (17 hours ago) oh long time no talk on channels mate.
im doing good.i tend to get annoyed with things though lol how about u?
Numa (1 day ago) okay.
animekid1111 (1 day ago) living in a world where ppl talk about life is getting better including g the year 2019.....I don't think the whole is gonna get any better. The consumption and the self-centered ways is just too much
animekid1111 (1 day ago) on top of that, not saying all abults is bad. but mainly people over 30's the way how most of them bought into tradition of honoring the boomers who started the whole diversity thing, pedophilia, racism and self-importance regarding gold and materials
animekid1111 (1 day ago) it's a headache coming here just to feel invisible. losing mother. RL, hard to get friends just because friends depart after a while. Then RL, there is a lot of fairness. people openly racist. Then some blacks just as self-centered just as the racist people
animekid1111 (3 days ago) gonna do it later since i'm tired
animekid1111 (3 days ago) i'm changing my description a little
Alice45 (3 days ago) Yep, back from deviantart and Discord.
Pachirisi (4 days ago) pachi (i'm making a new story of zorua and popplio, and how far do you think i am in the new game that i got)
animekid1111 (4 days ago) tbh, some Americans is so pathetic and weak. especially the parent generation. The week people blame vidlii
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