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Jun 11, 2017
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A comeback is definitely impossible!
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Lightstorm91 Oct 31, 2019: My channel and the videos are available again after a long time! (2 weeks ago)
Lightstorm91 This farewell video comes in 2 hours of German time. A black Sunday for me :(( (7 months ago)
Lightstorm91 Mar 30, 2019: -Only tomorrow, then the video platforms will finally be over! The ratings, comments, etc. are turned off. Also the visibility of my channel will be on private (7 months ago)
Lightstorm91 Updates - Mar 29, 2019: -A penultimate video will come. The farewell video will be there in 2 days to see. (7 months ago)
Lightstorm91 Sorry I didn't upload any new videos on this platform! I just don't see why I have to keep uploading videos here! Visit my website for new videos! (7 months ago)