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samuelkosch24 Joined: Aug 30, 2018 Last Sign In: 5 months ago Subscribers: 29 Video Views: 1,551 Channel Views: 398
Age: 19
Male/Leo/Bi/Logo maker/Mememachine

Discord: EarthDiscord#9891
Occupation: Working on videos, logos, etc.
Schools: (personal)
Interests: Logo making, videos, etc.
Movies: Possibly retro films from the late 1960s-late 1970s
Music: dunno
Books: dunno either
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Planet Sheen Intro but in earrape From: samuelkosch24
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​You fucking IDIOT! Why did you FUCKING kick me out of the FUCKING chat?! If you're seeing this FUCKING message, i'm really pissed at you! All becau...
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vidlii poop good.wmv
Check VidLii messages (if you are able to access) or idk
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