Here is my EPIC response tew SPIDERFAN!!!! Hope u like it ;)

Also if CL is smart he'll ignore spiderfan. Just sayin'.
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Yoshimasa (2 years ago)
That is why I don't want to make a video on spiderfan. He's just a drama whore. Just ignore him and he'll run to his safe space on Vidblue.
mattwo (2 years ago)
Only reason I am even here is because of Spiderfan, once he's gone, I'll leave until some new drama worth coming back for happens, this site is crap and YouTube is my main video sharing site to begin with, followed by Internet Archive.
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mattwo (2 years ago)
@CleverCommentary Just as soon as Spiderfan leaves. I only care about the current drama because he and I used to be friends.
CleverCommentary (2 years ago)
@mattwo Ah, makes sense
spiderfan (2 years ago)
Not a bad video man but I would like to mention some things to add context to things

1.) I said I was done with drama after everyone was banned. At that point VL was cleaned up and there wasn't anything left to be said. Around 24 hours later everyone was unbanned.

2.) I made my video on CL21 because I thought his video was terrible and I wanted to call him out for the scummy things he was involved in. It just so happened that my video riled up the entire community.

3.) CL21 actually made a lot of the same points in his response video too. This time with slightly more detail, although I thought I was able to rebut his points well.

4.) I actually don't mind people disagreeing with me. It is just that people who disagree with me can't handle the fact that I disagree with them. I actually don't mind you.
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WACV (2 years ago)
@CleverCommentary That is because he wants it. He loves it. It is making him relivent again. I wish he could have just let us alone but we all went nuts on him.
spiderfan (2 years ago)
@CleverCommentary Well as I said in my most recent commentary, I knew the video would get hate. I didn't realize it would become the most hated video in the history of VidLii though.

I had problems with CL21's actions and being that I do commentaries it seemed like the perfect situation to make a video.

My original quote from my description is:

"This is most likely the last video I'll upload about the VL drama because at this point the debate isn't going anywhere. The good guys and gals won."

I'm not stopping the hate because I have nothing to be ashamed of. I stand by my opinions wholeheartedly.
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