This Video Will make You Hate PewDiePie (PewDiePie Is Racist)

Jun 08, 2018
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I made this video originally to expand on the discussion of influential creators controlling the income for many with unscrupulous comments on ethnic minorities. I expand on this further in my video enjoy.

Thumbnail Creds: @ThafNine
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edray1416 (1 year ago)
While PewDiePie was one of the most marketable people in the annals of internet history, corporations need to understand that PewDiePie is human. Yes, we do screw up and the costs of the actions are inevitable. But you got to understand that we shouldn't take offense over a racist word when there are worse things to deal with out there. Feminists, government officials, and minorities wanting to impeach and imprison a president that created a lot of private sector jobs. Small businesses are slowly coming back, etc. PewDiePie's celebrity status will eventually fade, but there isn't much going on YouTube nowadays. You can thank YouTube and Social Justice Warriors for censoring content mercilessly. You can't blame PewDiePie's racism for it.
KnotSnappy (1 year ago)
While I think he shouldn't have said that at all, it was more of an angry statement that sounded more like it was it was supposed to be overly edgy than anything. That word, while it has a dark racist history that has to do with history, isn't racist to say unless used in a racist context. He wasn't telling that to a black person, afaik, and he didn't mean it in a racist way. Sure, it wasn't a good thing, but it didn't show that he believes, "one race is superior to another", which is what racism itself is. I could, myself, say it right now, but just me saying it or calling someone that doesn't make me racist, my actions do.
publicJockel (1 month ago)
number 16
burger king foot lettuce
BroBroBoi (6 months ago)
he not bad you just hatin'
idiotican (1 year ago)
im sorry you were victimized D:
Xen0 (1 year ago)
Jacksepticeye is WAY better than that racist, misogynistic scum, Pewdiepie.
skreutzer (1 year ago)
What kind of person would say the n-word at all? Only one which is either racist or largely influenced by Hollywood, the latter tending to portray racism to be cool or OK, and with PewDiePie and Hollywood doing that, the kids won't bother either. Same with the f-word, but using the n-word in a computer game to insult another player who is entirely unknown, specifically suggesting that black skin is a bad attribute, is very questionable. If that only comes out unconsciously in a moment of enragement, it's very telling what kind of character PewDiePie is and what he's thinking about if not in his public role. It's not that he necessarily wants to promote racism, he might indeed opposed to it rationally or for the sake of his public image, but it's obvious that he hasn't an honest, true stance against it, there are at least some latent influences. In the best case, it's from media/Hollywood consumption or the gaming community.
BoredWithADHD (1 year ago)
@skreutzer Anyone who would go out of their way to witchunt someone for simply saying a word is an absolute moron.
BoredWithADHD (1 year ago)
@skreutzer It doesn't matter what the word is
TheComedicMage (1 year ago)
Oh man, Pewdiepie said "nigger". Grow up, just because you said a word doesn't mean you are a racist.
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BoredWithADHD (1 year ago)
@skreutzer Looks like someone can't handle opinions.
TheComedicMage (1 year ago)
@skreutzer Nice comeback!
johnnyMcBurger (1 year ago)
Amazing video
urlogic (1 year ago)
i can barely hear you please don't make an entire video with food in your mouth thanks
XxhamoodZX (1 year ago)
Let's face the fact that jews are responsible for all the problems in this world ....for real
don (1 year ago)
@XxhamoodZX Distasteful joke.
TheComedicMage (1 year ago)
@XxhamoodZX Amen to that brother!
AmyGirl (1 year ago)
I dont really hate pewdiepie just cause of one stream he said with the n word. People do screw up and say the wrong things without knowing it.
don (1 year ago)
@JamesyBoy78 Does justify his actions & his impact it will have on others.
ThePhantron (9 months ago)
@don It's know-nothings like you that give "racist" SO much power.
I don't care if pewdiepie said it, and neither should you.
By stop talking about everything being "racist", Is the only way to beat it.
username777 (1 year ago)
PewDiePie should take office and become CEO of YouTube.
Hope that b*tch Susan Wojojoke gets fired and hit by a truck. #Censorship #terminated4nothing #demonitised #Susan4Prison #Pewdiepie4CEO
Dillymackey (1 year ago)
IZiaNoidI (1 year ago)
I know that "n" word as a racial connotation, but It's not like pewdiepie embraces racism throughout his videos. That clip seems to show him trying to shoot random video game character. There is no racial context within the clips you shown, and It seems that he said it through frustration with the video game rather than to undermining a race. The "N" is a really terrible word, but can you really hate him because of mistake that he probably made through unconscious frustration? It is just a slip up after all.

Again, Your editing is GREAT!
sambientMusic (1 year ago)
I hate racism
PF94onVidLii (1 year ago)
I don't even give any fucks. and every freaks about PewDiePie.
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