The YouTube Mentality

Aug 15, 2017
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This is what I suffered for several years, but it really took a lot of stress, frustration, and self-discipline to understand why these people still cling to YouTube mentally. With the purge about to hit, reality is smacking users in the face.
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MangG (2 years ago)
Social Network owners should never have a political agenda
NermalCat79 (2 years ago)
@MangG Yes! A social networking site conforming to any political ideology will just ruin it. This is why I like VidLii, it's a politically neutral site which I can use without any bias thrown in my face. The community is friendly, NON-TOXIC, and I know no object-show/GoAnimate loving immature kids, no attention whores who want me to check out their channels, no obnoxious arrogant retards, and no like whoring spammers will bombard me here. Jan did an AWESOME job.
Deadscribe (1 year ago)
Well the only thing I could think of on why smaller channels didn't boycott Youtube at that time is because they have a patreon.
Avilnetro (1 year ago)
Yep, I'm slowly hoping to migrate away from there myself. After spending a couple hours on VidLii then watching something on YouTube, my eyes begin to bleed at the awful "modern" user interface which just sticks out like a sore thumb and reminds me of why I love this layout so much more.

I honestly can't wait for VidLii to catch on faster, and I hope it doesn't lose sight of itself or its core values if and when it becomes much larger and more popular. Good video by the way!
MomijiInubashiri (1 year ago)
Leaving Youtube is hard, like ditching Microsoft Windows in order to use Linux full time, we all have been there at some point in our lives, only a few managed to leave everything behind. However, it's only a matter of time, the more you wait the more you'll find reasons to actually break the habit and move forward.
Palladini (1 year ago)
It is 2018 and Vidme is no more!
FrostyFlakes (1 year ago)
I'll be honest that my interest in YouTube has dropped these days...

The main reasons why I've thought to move here to VidLii is that they've screwed over small channels with the new search algorithm and they haven't dealt with the spambots that are pestering users.
Aaronshy (1 year ago)
Vidme shut down and Vidlii stays active.......funny since people weren't even thinking Vidme would be the one to shut down except me since as I've said many times they pushed away people that said when Vidme had issues and tried to get them to fix the issues.
Juicyousiguy (1 year ago)
but now vidme is gone
OttomagicCritic (1 year ago)
And what do you know, is closing it's doors, just as predicted in this video.
NathanDarkson984 (1 year ago)
The worst part? The entire website has been filled with kids content such as spider-man and elsa softcorn........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- but seriously, fuck YouTube
TamePepper (2 years ago)
What do ya mean Comedy on YouTube is dead! The biggest joke on that site is BuzzFeed. :)
4dojo (2 years ago)
yeah. YouTube has really gone down hill
HohiMonster (2 years ago)
Honestly, i think it's too late for YouTube to ever have a real competitor. YouTube at this point has such a massive userbase that we can't hope to ever pull off a boycott big enough for YouTube to notice. The site is filled with millions of prepubescent children who doesn't know or understand the problems that YouTube have, and it has millions of normies who simply just don't care about the issues of the site because YouTube has the content that they want (buzzfeed, finebros, commentary videos, top 10 list channels, etc)

The best we can do, is form our own niche community. I do hope to see more veterans from the old YouTube days come to VidLii, and we should help spread awareness of VidLii to others who potentially would really like this site.

With that said, i hope VidLii expands features such as adding 1080p HD to videos and 60 fps. That would really be big steps closer to making YouTube obselete (for me and possibly many others)
End8me8unironically8 (2 years ago)
Gold video
danielwebofrito2 (2 years ago)
YouTube has been going to trash ever since Google bought it back in 2010.
Tokio (2 years ago)
I honestly agree with this video. That's why I came here. I'm so sick of YouTube. It's full of SJW's and PC people. I signed up on YouTube in 2010 when I got married to my husband and became a police officer irl.
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