PSA: Stop Uploading Music Videos To VidLii

Dec 21, 2017
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This video just had to be made, to spread this word out. Are you trying to get VidLii killed? Please, just stop it. This has gone way out of hand lately...
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Database (4 years ago)
These accounts have been deleted. They are against our terms of service. Any future ones will suffer the same fate; take note before creating them!
NathanDarkson984 (4 years ago)
Might as well contact @VidLii to take legal action on this
2018fan1 (1 month ago)
My account got restored first time in 4 years.
TaylorSwiftVEVO (1 year ago)
Hi i am Taylor Swift.
AnthonyGiarrusso (2 years ago)
Why are you so scared? Don't have an anxiety attack! This comment is ©2020
Aimware (2 years ago)
there is so much major bullshit on this website, I joined this website to get away from youtube's censorship and other problems I won't get into. I had a hard time trying to go on here because the piece of shit would not load, same loading issue happens when trying to create a account on here so fix your broken mcdonald's connection. fake trending videos that go popular with zero to 4 views, most of them are idiotic.

so here is a Nazi supporter

here is a youtube shooter who could be fake or not

so why should these two examples of people who should kick off the website be allowed yet you want to get rid of people uploading copyright clips. I don't see you bitching about the 100 percent spongebob clips that get uploaded here, most of the shitty community is full of spics and beaners that need to be deported.
NightMareKombat (2 years ago)

The links I posted go to two different users who are uploading copyright content, and yet I see nothing happening to them. you're such a hypocrite and ignorant if you think uploading this garbage video is going to make some changes by you being a snitch. also the adult swim clip is a random video that is always getting featured when you refresh the page, so your rules are such a joke when it comes to telling people on giving them double standard bans on copyright content.
2018fan4 (2 years ago)
If you want to listen music from vevo use YouTube.
SPB (4 years ago)
More people are at it.
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SPB (3 years ago)
@ben14delas True but the site doesn't get much attention.
SPB (3 years ago)
@ben14delas It's sad because the site is actually not that bad.
EpicFails2007 (4 years ago)
Copyw rite is gayanyways
2018fan1 (4 years ago)
WARNING do not upload bollywood muisc to vidlii it can vidlii sued also for someone living in Bombay India
thatskynyrdkid70 (4 years ago)
There's nothing wrong with uploading music to VidLii whatsoever, and I have quite a few good reasons too:
A: A lot of people LIKE music on VidLii, you can't just take that away.
B: The more music there is on VidLii, the more reason for more people to shift completely away from YouTube.
C: If you're whining about copyright, then go scream at the dude who uploaded practically every freaking episode of Ren & Stimpy.
D: Even on YOUTUBE, you only get ads put on your videos. It's a big deal when you upload something like a full movie or a TV Show. Now, take a look at how much music there is on VidLii and compare that with TV Shows and Movies on VidLii. There is MUCH less music.
E and final: I'm not even sure why so many people are upset over this in the first place. I mean, I was one of the first people to upload music to the site and nobody complained then, but NOO, when NFKRZ comes and one of his fans just so happens to make a Vevo account, THAT'S when everyone goes insane. -_-
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pie1994 (4 years ago)
@thatskynyrdkid70 do you have no idea what copyright content means
RaeStalgia (2 years ago)
@thatskynyrdkid70 I have to kind of agree with you on this. No don't put any full length anything on here without crediting the original creator,and/or changing it,but yes, to changing it up to make it transformative,and unique like mashups,and/or parodies. That is why we have the Fair Use Act.
tailswave (4 years ago)
It's not as if I already made a video about this, OH WAIT I DID.
VenomGunner (4 years ago)
@VidlLii please do something about this
TCT101 (4 years ago)
Know what else is worse for these fake Vevo accounts? The people who are doing that are also impersonating a real and actual company, which is also illegal as well...
VenomGunner (4 years ago)
Exactly that's why @VidLii should take legal action because this aint right because they aren't allowed to do it on YouTube doesn't mean they get to fuck up something small like VidLii with their illegal bullshit
jm03 (4 years ago)
Why you using gulag chrome? I am dissapoint. But seriously, you seem to not like Google's anti-white anti-male bullshit so why the fuck use their browser?
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darkyoshi9001 (4 years ago)
@jm03 @TCT101 "It's because of Google Chrome being the most popular web browser ever in the entire earth"

No, by market share, that was Internet Explorer around 2003/2004 (between 90-95% by some sources).

"what if people said to me, ew why are you using Firefox, use Chrome instead"

You are too susceptible to peer pressure, truly. Who cares what they think? I've been using Internet Explorer since 2003; I'm using it right now to type this comment. People give me all sorts of looks when they see that I still use it.

If you don't like Internet Explorer, you still ought to switch to Firefox if you're currently using Chrome; that browser is nothing but a botnet.

(I just stumbled upon this video and started the read the comments, and felt the need to respond to yours.)
jm03 (4 years ago)
@darkyoshi9001 Yeah that's fucking ridiculous. So what if people tell you Firefox is shit, use Chrome? If you use Chrome, people will tell your Chrome is shit use Firefox. Just use whatever fucking browser you want for gods sake. I used a shitload of browser and have used Firefox and modified versions of it for a while now, looks like they have finally unfucked Quantum so I use that.
silly3200 (4 years ago)
Copyright is bullshit....why is it still exist? These songs are old anyways, just public domain them
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