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Dec 13, 2021
some of other app ask me I'll reply⬇:

🔹I'm from Iraq, father his grand grandmother not iraqian not arabian from other country

🔹I speak foreign when I was 5year

🔹I don't have doctrine,not belong to anyone,before 2003 not know what our belief,believe God by not harm others

🔹littleage I live with my family some other countries by our money til teenage,parent tell me be dentist,teacher say"you clever be surgeon",my family return to country to fake hope I didn't be dentist,here you deserve excellent they not give you your real right they rate you by their mood very very not understandable hard books you know all600pages idea they not give you your real right they give excellent to people not open books to people whose father names jafar/hussain kathm,.etc/ or animals/barbaric names,I don't have such their names even at work places they know person have freedom can't survive with that people all problems will happen to him/her because people who pretend religious or principals is the same people who want from you bad things you have freedom you didn't accept bad things that people attack you & try create lies or wash people mind against you they will war you in all,you don't care,they can't beat you they threat you by kill,society & people criminals,when you protect others,you didn't agree with them to injustice others then they will repeat it with you,there's many jobs places belong to business or politic men not public jobs,sign maybe they'll closed their business,some places accept education degrees some not

🔹not have traditionals,I respect other traditionals,I ignore intruder thoughts from some other stranger countries terror insane complex toxic no fear God in others lies no respect thoughts.I regard them not human beasts/hell.

🔹I don't believe history,in all countries always they put liars harmful injustice hypocrite toxic mean not fear God in others losers bad fake seek bad things at top & they always put good pure loyal in buttom,some countries justice

🔹in Iraq always lies at top, good/honored can't live,all make lies stories about it,jealous hate, some strong not believe

🔹single,oneday I'll love southeast asian guy handsome polite charming amazing personality when I marry I'll not have kid I don't want it experience life

🔹some relative even my father his ex first wife,& my aunt they marry from other not arab countries,before 1990s in our country they lived,then they live in different countries
local different cities, sometimes in other countries
other countries public private degrees No.1,local public & private degrees,2different major degrees college institute college
sports healthy meal workout yoga other countries cultures
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