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Uploaded On: Dec 24, 2017
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Hi!!! i like old youtube from 2006
Suggestion by: windowsfan
Quite annoyed by the drama Can you people actually do something about the whole mondohell thing? Seriously, I can't go four seconds without hearing about it.
Suggestion by: Zenasol
make a non https copy of vidlii to access with old ie versions i noticed that your website can't be accessed with ie versions older than 9 (9 works 8 doesnt) due to https protocol incompatibility and since this is the old youtube and worked perfectly on those ie versions until yt retired this layout so why not? it will be very nice to bring back a video platform for those browsers
Suggestion by: FIAT682
Dont work Well uploading is broken as shit on both chrome and firefox, looks like it's done but it only pretends to save changes or whatever and when i go on my channel it's nowhere to be found
Suggestion by: 87stickupkid
Let us have nirvana Stop arguments on this site
It is not good for the community
Suggestion by: Buddha
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On Video: CutieAstolfo
By: NavyAdmiralRanmaru
@Daisuke Ooohhhh. Huh huh huh huh! He's sexy, huh, Beavis?
On Video: Grilliput Portable BBQ an...
By: Sanchez18
You know this is Vat19's first video. :)
On Video: CutieAstolfo
By: Daisuke
@NavyAdmiralRanmaru SHUT UP, BUTTHEAD!
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By: EthanF44
@LimeMetz if i got there in real life id show that monster at the end the deviantart of tamama
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By: EthanF44
@fn0va sameeeeee