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video Fail
From: RwbyJadeFireWolf
Uploaded On: Dec 14, 2017
Feature Suggestions
Some suggestions -Change Website layout (like change channel version)
thats it
Suggestion by: Jackson959
One complaint I wish I can take my videos from my YouTube channel, and copy them here, instead of having to start from scratch.
Suggestion by: MRZ
Impressive It's like you have driven into the wrong neighbor
Suggestion by: Eeyanzai
Compatibility I think a major aspect of having an old 2009 YT layout should be compatibility. Vidlii is HEAVY, even when using flash player.

Support for Windows 98, ME on browsers is just non existent where as with youtube, before they removed the flash player completely last month (and even now with HTML5!), i can not only view youtube with old versions of Firefox and Opera on Windows ME but i can watch 30fps HTML5 videos no problem!

With Vidlii, you can barely access the sign and it makes no sense.

There should really be some lightweight optimizations added.
Suggestion by: Skater24481
Fuck you Vidlii Why aren't my videos visible anymore? You fucking stupid pieces of dog shit. Fix my channel right fucking now.
Suggestion by: poopsniffer619
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