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Flappy Deluxer - My parody of Flappy Bird
From: DAV359Gaming
Uploaded On: Jan 31, 2020
Feature Suggestions
Longer videos videos of up to 1 hour should be allowed so we could have alot more creativity.
Suggestion by: spodermen2
Good! wow!
Suggestion by: DJ1999
feedback i feel this is better than normal youtube due to the oldness
my internet speed is usually 10kbps low, 60kbps high, and 160kbps peak at times.
the design of the website (as it is based off of the old slow optimized youtube) loads really quickly and videos play mostly uninterrupted
Suggestion by: GamerGuyVideos100
many Annotations, choosing between atleast 3 thumbnails (if not having an option to make custom ones), changing video quality on player, groups, filters for video searching, ability to search for channels only
Suggestion by: hazuki
Multiple Channel Networks I would like a system similar to BitChute, where you can switch between multiple channels easily. It could be a link below your name, where you can have a page listing your channels.
Suggestion by: YTrojanEnterprises
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@ThePhilliesFan Do you have the audio file of the video you want me to reupload? I can do a remake of it.
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