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Where the hell am I?
From: assaultchromosome
Uploaded On: Aug 29, 2017
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compression I noticed that your site really goes for the "classic youtube" feel
while the format for the site seems a bit out dated I see where you are coming from
however there is a difference between imitating classic youtube and being classic youtube and you guys are defiantly going for the later.
Allot of the video compression that was done then was acceptable because no one knew it would get better but today compressing your videos as much as you guys do is seen as low quality to the point of being unacceptable.
Is there anyway you guys can fix this? I would love to see a site like this thrive but there is no way it can if the videos are being downgraded as much as they are.
Suggestion by. classicbread
VidLii 2011 full layout for testlii You've made the header. Why not go all out?
Make it look something like this 'http://i.imgur.com/UOLM446.jpg'
Suggestion by. Viciousness
New Players The different youtube players from 2006-2012
Suggestion by. holyshrimpstudios
Dark mode + More social support Adding dark mode as an option instead of browsing the bright ocean of VidLii, and an embedded chat room or something similar [maybe even an IRC, hell if i know.] If you can't do that, add more optomised support for the VidLii Discord[s].
Suggestion by. massivelegoboy
Make the video player bar blue YouTube's color is red. VidLii's color is blue. Make the video player bar blue too match.
Suggestion by. PewDiePie
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