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Mega Man X6 - Batalla Final y Créditos (X)
From: NombreJunto
Uploaded On: Apr 04, 2018
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Feature Suggestions
Video preview It would be nice if when you hovered your mouse over a video, it played through some frames at different points in the video. Like on Pornhub.
Suggestion by: warefaire
video length/quality atleast 720p would be nice for uploads also 90% of my videos are over 15+ minutes.
Suggestion by: DemonKing
Change the HD button to HQ Back when HD was rolled out to YouTube it was actually labeled under the button "HQ". This would mean the "HD" button would be incorrect, and I feel that should be changed.
Suggestion by: toonster95
Not Showing Unlisted Videos Being Uploaded I'm subscribed to rowbert, and he uploaded an unlisted video for a collab. I got a notification on the VidLii home page for that video being uploaded. I'm pretty sure this isn't on purpose. It doesn't show up on the Videos Tab, but If someone you're subscribed to uploaded an Unlisted Video, you'll still get the notification.
Suggestion by: ohokjpg
Email verify bug I got some weird vidlii email verify thing on my laptop but on my desktop it was not there. nor did i get a email about the email verify for vidlii. Its fixed for me but i hope you can fix this for everyone.
Suggestion by: Uile
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By: andrewapexpredator
@edray1416 i hope you make one last video that is unscripted message to pewdiepie and his fiance, you stubborn king! i wish
On Video: Loquendo - Nintendo Enter...
By: Darkmasterx2005
Recuerdo que tenia 14 años la primera vez que vi este video
On Video: Still dorito
By: Darkmasterx2005
Yo aun estaba en sexto grado de primaria cuando este video fue subida a youtube
On Video: defensa rule34 loquendo d...
By: MRLoquendo1999
jajaja, que bueno que subas estos videos, así estas haciendo que vidlii sea como el viejo youtube ;)
On Video: loquendo critica a los ba...
By: MRLoquendo1999
jajaja, bueno yo la verdad tenia granos, y usaba infinidades de jabones y cremas para la cara y ni madres, los granos