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Uploaded On: Nov 14, 2020
Feature Suggestions
Notifications Make a notification system kinda like the YouTube bell where it gives you a notification in the corner of your screen when someone uploads a new video!
Suggestion by: CrazyMarioBros
best algorithm There is a very big error in the algorithm and it is that when looking for videos for example "destructive criticism of anime" in the results only some appear and also videos appear nothing to do with the topic I am looking for, another thing is that they depend a lot on the tags , which limits the search results, also the algorithm is wrong when putting names with ´, such as @ CapitánHerodes2020 or @ JesúsCapucha appear in the wrong way and even requires writing their names with ´ to appear, fix that
Suggestion by: Thunderwarrior7
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Suggestion by: Cw2
Default pictures make the default pictures look like on old youtube default one.
Suggestion by: 000
Hi Hello community
Suggestion by: Nickcheezy
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