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nikos3194 (1 day ago) Hi there! It was my duty to come back to update my favs and playlists x3
nikos3194 (1 day ago) "patrick80 has been banned for the following reasons: Posting repetitive or misleading content that could be considered as SPAM." LMFAO XD
MomijiInubashiri (3 days ago) @patrick80
Go Away Rarted!
patrick80 (4 days ago) My wife had a advanced cancer and none of the conventional therapies have
worked. We made use of Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil it worked perfectly and
cured her cancer,
my kids and i are so very happy for the wonderful help and support we got
from him we order for it via Email: [email protected]
within 48 hours we got it here in USA am sharing this little story here
for the sake of someone who might need it,Email:
[email protected]
pepa (4 days ago) VVVV I just spammed the first word that came to mind tbh. Don't read into it more than that.
MomijiInubashiri (4 days ago) @pepa 'k?
pepa (6 days ago) anime
Awaeowo (1 month ago) I wish the staff made the same effort to raise the popularity of this site :s
Regarding Twitter, we must not forget Edward Snowden's statements about the PRISM system. The CIA nig.gers need our phones cuz social media is the new Echelon :c
MomijiInubashiri (1 month ago) You really cannot use Twitter without a Phone number, even if they state otherwise. Lame.
Awaeowo (1 month ago) > Why do ppl do this? I don't get it.
Only those who are 12 yo or below :s
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