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MomijiInubashiri On the other hand, I have more videos to upload. (19 hours ago)
MomijiInubashiri nvm, guess Tik-Tok is still alive, bummer. (19 hours ago)
MomijiInubashiri Tik-Tok is Dead, Good Riddance! (2 days ago)
MomijiInubashiri became friends with XxAntuxXYT (6 days ago)
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nikos3194 (17 hours ago) lol, right, mashup was the correct word. Those tracks really seem better than many others I've heard (like the ones of CDR and LoliRipe), what's more, I could say that you've fallen into decline since then
nikos3194 (23 hours ago) Ok. At least I appreciate that you wanted to keep those old tracks backed up in your item. I love especially the three mixes you made as CerealKiller <3
nikos3194 (1 day ago) Don't worry. I especially wanted to ask you if you would be willing to post some of your old clips here (I. e. Renard Queenston, Ayane Fukumi, DJ Sailor Moon and others from your Internet Archive item). But seeing there's trouble ahead, just forget my shitty suggestions and enjoy your remaining free time <3
nikos3194 (2 days ago) You should celebrate by uploading a new vid :3
MomijiInubashiri (2 days ago) FUCK TIK-TOK!
nikos3194 (5 days ago) Lmao, just as the tumblrite word was originated to define extremely offended and butthurted ppl some time ago, we could also place the common-mainstream instagramers as the scum of narcissistic posers. Well, I don't want to ruin this beautiful page with this shitty kind of topics :b
nikos3194 (1 week ago) Tfw you realize that time flyes u_u ... In his IG Goreshit usually post personal photos that he doesn't publish on other media (like lol), while on FB he has been posting mostly links and things related to the current project he's doing with Terence Larkin, Dead in Latvia
AlmightyGaming (1 week ago) I guess that is true.
TheVideoGamer64 (1 week ago) Oh okay pal. :)
nikos3194 (1 week ago) I haven't seen dead links from megaupload, rapidshare or uplocker for a long time, which makes me sad cuz it means that many blogs and forums don't last even 10 years. Regarding IG, it's one of those shitty media that I hate but I'm forced to use it to be able to see certain accounts only for followers ¬3¬ PS: Recently my comments here aren't sent and I need to login again. I thought was the only with that error (sometimes my extensions tend to interfere) but I see it also happens to you u_u
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