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CrystalFairy (12 hours ago) yes i liked zippcast. but it just shuts down a lot so i cant do anything.
its interesting how this place seems to be the most stable one so far.

yes youtube has a lot of good contents,but sadly,these days it is deleting many good old videos.due to the copyright stuff or etc.
CrystalFairy (17 hours ago) *cont*
hopefully this place can be our hope.

and i still use youtube for watching good old vids that were uploaded like 10 years ago.
but other than that,that place is totally nothing for me.
my old friends has already left there,and it is just a lonley place.
CrystalFairy (17 hours ago) yes. really glad to talk to you again mate.
you are one of the few decent users here with awesome contents.
hows the things?

i experienced that as well. this site had been gone for a few days.
but also im realieved that this site has been around for quite a long time you know,like,many other good sites shut down immidiately one after another like zippcast wenoo vstream if you know.
CrystalFairy (1 day ago) *vids*
CrystalFairy (1 day ago) hello mate. long time no see. your vis are so cool.
MomijiInubashiri (3 days ago) > status: #46 in queue
Yup, this place wont last much long I fear.
MomijiInubashiri (2 weeks ago) @Xen0
I haven't seen a normal non-shitposting comment on here in a while, so yes!
Xen0 (2 weeks ago) Am i the only normal individual who doesn't post nonsense in your comments section?
ENMISVENASCORRENSEME (3 weeks ago) satanic channel
MomijiInubashiri (3 weeks ago) Yeh, ok cool!
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