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antokkum (4 months ago) Hola nena
LOLIAS2 (5 months ago) I prefered the TornPieceOfPaper 2 but KeePass thing also looks pretty cool, gonna check it thanks. Papers with passwords starts to live their own lives after looking away from them lol. I'm only gonna be schizoid about master key, the best if I would write it on forehead inversly and buy a MirrorPassKey 2 addon to read it, people would probably think it's some holocaust solidarity tattoo but it's not a problem because I just don't want to lose my damn accounts x3
LOLIAS2 (5 months ago) Dick bungler sounds nice, always learning some cool new insults from you lol
LOLIAS2 (5 months ago) Hai Miroslav, saw you commenting on my previous channel that I forgot password too lulz
Also not sure why I made next account on this pretty dead site
TheTradingCardMan64 (5 months ago) That's good. I'm doing good as well, just enjoying my new name and look on here! :)
TheTradingCardMan64 (5 months ago) Hey how are you? This is TheVideoGamer64's 2nd main channel. :)
Hebiko (5 months ago) damn, you got such a gooooood musical taste
MomijiInubashiri (5 months ago) Yeah ikr, finally got lucky and found some Music I actually like.
xahkyen (5 months ago) It seems that this last week you uploaded more vids than in the first half of this year... Nice! :3
nikos3194 (5 months ago) UwU <3
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