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Mrs. Finleys got the moxie (Reuploa...
I just watched this video from SkyGuy16 (aka Triple_sSs) back in my old days when i download, so i decided to upload dis for you, since it got took do...
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yeas (6 months ago) OfficerHitler touched my booty hole.
AlmightyGaming (6 months ago) Hey, how's it going?
MomijiInubashiri (7 months ago) I've never heard of both graphictoria and mv clones, not gonna lie.
imchainsword (7 months ago) first. graphictoria returned, then mv clones and now myg0t and almost team avo?

2020 is really reviving shit now
MomijiInubashiri (7 months ago) > 0fficerFuck has been banned
> 0fficerHitler has been banned
*Sigh* Guys, let it go, the UTTP stopped being relevant back in like 2012, if you really want to get some Lulz start aiming higher, like chat-spamming or Misleading Troll Videos, or why not, join the myg0t ranks, they're recently bringing it back again.
0fficerHitler (7 months ago) RAPE
0fficerFuck (7 months ago) RAPIST
MomijiInubashiri (7 months ago) I don't really like or support VLARE anymore honestly
wyq808 (7 months ago) "I'd much prefer if we could all move to VLARE tbh "
I discovered this site 10 min after creating my vidlii acc ToT haha
MomijiInubashiri (7 months ago) > OfficerNude has been banned
Why do you guys even bother anymore? -_-
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