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Yung Heazy ~ Cuz You're My Girl
From: altobalto
Uploaded On: Jun 15, 2018
Feature Suggestions
Allow users to view videos in HD It would be nice if users could watch videos in 1080p. Another idea I have is to let normal users watch up to 720p and partners could watch videos up to at least 1080p. I mean like it's 2018 and I think that would be a smart choice even though this website is capturing the classic YouTube vibe. I would get it if you can't do that for financial reasons but it would be pretty neat to see.
Suggestion by: SneakyBoots
Longer video length limit? Some people (like me) have a thing for making really long videos (such as gaming), sometimes over an hour long and put them up on the internet.

Maybe make the video length limit longer or remove it entirely like YouTube did at one point. Back then there was 596.5 hour long video and i would like to try that stuff out.

Thanks! :D
Suggestion by: YouTubeLogoOnVidlii
Change ratings Why can't I undo ratings? I accidentally rated something 3 stars and I can't change it
Suggestion by: TheyCallMeBrainiac
2011 theme add pls
Suggestion by: hungryrobloxian1000
The Videos of Some Channels Do not Appear in the Search Results I have channels from friends that just start in VidLii, and their videos do not appear in the search results, and the only way to see the videos is by entering from their channel, which I find annoying, because when uploading a video to a platform is supposed to be seen by everyone, not so that it is hidden, so people do not know that these videos exist, for example, a month ago they met a user called ClassicVideosYT, and their channel tries to upload all the videos old youtube, but it has been on the platform for 2 months, and already has almost 160 videos, and none can search the results, I have to go to your channel to know what videos you have, there are many users who are happens, and are patormovies, jetloquendo, gokumatuful, my secondary channel in which I upload soundtracks of video games, among others, the truth is very annoying that problem, and I think they should repair it since it has been a long time and we do not know how much longer it will last like that
Suggestion by: MRLoquendo1999
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