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SpongeBob Edited - Mermaid LSD and Barnacle Buttcheeks VI
From: GeneBernardinoLawl
Uploaded On: Sep 24, 2020
Feature Suggestions
Cosmic panda edit to look the same Cosmic panda edit page TO be like in youtube in 2012 search it on google and youtube
Suggestion by: faileratlife
Ban memes;!11 Pls, they mek my pee pee hurt! 😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😭😢😤😰😭😭😭😭😦😭😭😲😭😭😳☠️🤓😸😾🎅:'( am beg u
Suggestion by: fq84352ywmgivsxy7yx1
My Thoughts I think the following features would really help VidLii grow as a platform:
*Custom Thumbnails
*Longer Descriptions
*Longer Tags
*Pinned Comments
*Live Streaming - when you have the resources to do so.
Suggestion by: NathanSampleGames
annotations it wouldnt hurt to have the annotations like they did on youtube
Suggestion by: Awesomedog5558
Annotations Could we please have the implementation of annotations and in particular collaborative annotations. These were great features of YouTube that allowed such great features as "Let's Jabs" and Choose Your Own Adventure.

It would be brilliant if they were brought to here now YouTube has destroyed annotations, we could even see the return of "Let's Jabs"
Suggestion by: AgentGrady
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