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Doki - La Gran Aventura del Equipo Doki
From: MrDoki
Uploaded On: May 20, 2020
Feature Suggestions
Bulletin Board There used to be a module available to YouTube partners back in the 2.0 layout days called the "Bulletin Board" (I think) where you could write basically another description or long message, link to your other profiles and maybe even post an image (I know that vStreamers allowed you to with theirs, but idk if YouTube's did.)

This place sorta reminds me of vStreamers (before it got bought by Zippcast). Hopefully it does better than both those sites.
Suggestion by: PS2
VidLii Video Editor I think there should be a video editor on this site.
Suggestion by: IanOKeefe
Vidlii XL and Have a player oriented to ps3 & Wii browser called Vidlii XL. And a flip-phone supported that compats with LG
Suggestion by: Hellogaming
Promote smaller channels Promoting smaller channels is a great idea to expand the community. More subs for smaller Vidlii channels, which are promoting other channels. Do it fast, so it has still chance to be a REAL YouTube KILLER!
Suggestion by: Pharrell
Que VidLii tenga una aplicaciĆ³n para celulares Yo quisiera que VidLii tenga una versiĆ³n para celular como la que tiene youtube
Suggestion by: SerbainManuel
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