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Moonman - Crank Dat
From: moonman
Uploaded On: Feb 09, 2018
Feature Suggestions
Profile Design Like BitView has now, And for nostalgic people.
Suggestion by: CodenameFlooent
Improve Video Quality This site really needs to improve its video quality. Other than that, I'm really enjoying this site so far and I do hope it'll grow with time.

(I do feel like you can keep the feel of old YouTube while improving visual fidelity)
Suggestion by: 4ntarianV4lentine
Comment History I would like a way to see my old comments.
Suggestion by: PoncirusPaulownia
Banners(channel and video page),and Column images! Someone might have already said some of this,but can you add banners and column/side channel images when you can

Here's an example of what i'm talking about
Suggestion by: audiobotguy03
xd xd
Suggestion by: pokerman
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