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Oct 02, 2021
Hi there, we're making this blog to announce the "new" official server. We say that it's "new" because it's been up for a year. It's the VidLii Remade server! You could also beta test the new website and talk to the VidLii owner, Jan! Join the VidLii server here:
~Team VidLii

Your feedback for VidLii

Aug 06, 2021
Hi there, sks here. I’ve been wondering about people’s opinions about VidLii mainly because I think it could help Jan with the long run for the rewrite and the rules of the site. Instead of me going on DM’s on discord and asking people about their on VidLii, I made a google forms regarding feedback. -
I hope users on the site could help with us regarding this since it could help with the future of VidLii.
Now let’s go onto statistics as of the 6th August:
Total Users: 86,414
Channel 1.0: 74,630
Channel 2.0: 7,946
Channel 3.0: 3,838
Channel Views: 3,837,231
Channel Comments: 201,192
Subscriptions: 202,897
Partners: 384
Total Videos: 172,850
Total Views: 10,146,213
Minutes Watched: 5,037,039 since August 2018
Video Comments: 234,247
Total Favorites: 130,627
Total Playlists: 12,703

There’s a new mod among us (sorry for the corny joke)

May 31, 2021
Hello there. I’m guessing most of you didn’t expect to see a new blog post but here you are. I am sks, but you can call me Shawn.

You might know me for modding other video sharing sites (Mainly Tracle, Vlare and BitView) but I’ve been hired to help BMF in terms of moderating the site (trolling, maybe not lol) but I am happy to help anyone on the site when they ask me (excluding stupid questions like asking for mod).

You can contact me via VidLii, BitView the VidLii remade discord (which btw, here’s the discord server, the VidLii discord BMF owns or dm’ing me on discord which is @sks2002#2002.

Here is the latest statistics for vidlii as of the 31st may, 2021

Total Users: 79,951
Channel 1.0: 69,230
Channel 2.0: 7,522
Channel 3.0: 3,199
Channel Views: 3,667,815
Channel Comments: 196,259
Subscriptions: 186,919
Partners: 323
Total Videos: 160,960
Total Views: 8,915,854
Minutes Watched: 5,239,447 since august 2018
Video Comments: 226,145
Total Favorites: 125,917
Total Playlists: 5,099



Jun 19, 2020

Vaginal Discharge

Apr 13, 2020


Aug 30, 2019


Aug 15, 2019

2 Years!

Jun 04, 2019
VidLii is now 2 years old!
Hey everyone,
As its VidLii's second birthday today, I decided to write another Blog Post as I thought it would only be fitting to do so today.

So lets start with statistics, Since June 2017, here is our statistics:

Total Users: 19,798
Channel 1.0 Users: 14,184
Channel 2.0 Users: 4,086
Channel 3.0 Users: 1,528
Channel Views: 1,626,954
Channel Comments: 109,868
Subscriptions: 88,169
Partners: 293
Total Videos: 74,993
Total Views: 3,174,804
Minutes Watched: 1,564,252 (since august 2018)
Video Comments: 133,509
Total Favorites: 68,241
Total Playlists: 2,608

Now lets move on to a few records:

First user on VidLii: 2017
Most Viewed Channel: moonman (83,890 Video Views)
Most Subscribed Channel (Except the Official VidLii Channel): AM (861 Subscribers)
Most Discussed Channel: KnotSnappy (2,339 Comments)
Top Rated Channel: LewBTV (Rating lvl: 567)
Most Viewed Video: Moonman - Crank Dat (26,033 Views)
Most Discussed Video: Jesus Approves of VidLii (204 Text Comments)
Top Rated Video: Jesus Approves of VidLii (624 Ratings)

So Thank you to All of you who have been here since the beginning and those who are still using VidLii to this day!

Annotations and our new player are coming soon, And if you want to join it, Feel free to join the Official VidLii Discord Server.

That's all I really have to say as of right now. Thank you for reading!


Statistic and Development Updates

Apr 06, 2019
Hello everyone!

We have some new Updates about Development and Statistics on VidLii.

Let's start with VidLii Statistics:

- Total Users: 18,095
- Channel 1.0 Users: 12,764
- Channel 2.0 Users: 3,905
- Cosmic Panda Users: 1,426
- Channel Views: 1,472,622
- Channel Comments: 100,006
- Subscriptions: 82,974
- Partners: 281
- Total Videos: 68,909
- Total Views: 2,851,001
- Minutes Watched: 1,238,846 since august
- Video Comments: 126,416
- Total Favorites: 64,847
- Total Playlists: 2,393

Now let's talk about Development on VidLii

Features that have recently been added:

- New Sign In Box Interface
- More options to the Channels Page (Most Discussed and Top Rated)
- Changed the Related Videos algorithm so that it doesn't recommend the same 5 videos for all eternity.
- Improved the API. Check whats new!

What's coming soon:

- New Video Player
- Annotations
- A server switch, Features such as 1080p Video Quality for Partners and 480p for non partners will be coming when VidLii switches servers.

To get Updates on VidLii Development, You can join the VidLii Dev Discord Server or Follow the VidLii Twitter
I also opened a new Public VidLii Discord Server. If you want to join Here is an invite!

Thats all for now, Thank you for reading!

New Moderator

Feb 25, 2019
Hey everyone, I'm the new moderator on VidLii. if you have any questions or anything
Just message me!

Btw while we're here, we should go over some stats again for the first time in a while.

- Total Users: 16,990
- Channel 1.0 Users: 11,880
- Channel 2.0 Users: 3,747
- Watched Videos: 1,517,461
- Channel Comments: 94,731
- Partners: 256
- Total Videos: 65,154
- Total Views: 2,633,181
- Video Comments: 121,191
- Total Playlists: 2,309


The Most Important Blog Post Update Of All Time

May 08, 2018
- Made logo proportional

The past and the future™

Dec 23, 2017
It's been some time since I (Jan) made a blog post and I think now is a very good time to make one.

First of all I'd like to thank all of you who have supported VidLii in the past 6 months. I certainly didn't expect this project, which originally was nothing more than a joke that was going to be removed after around a week, to be where it is now.
It's awesome to see how big this community has become, and how it has evolved from around 15-20 VBF refugees to around 6000 users from many parts of the Internet.
And while not everything has been running smooth and friendly, it worked out in the end.

So now here is the long awaited stat update:
- 5,672 users
- 3,791 use Channel 1.0
- 1,401 use Channel 2.0
- 480 use Cosmic Panda
- 80 partners

- 18,568 videos
- 517,311 total views
- 43,539 total video comments
- 711 playlists
- 35,374 channel comments
- 49,814 ratings
- 17,770 favorites
- 672 video responses
- 35,798 subscriptions

- Most Viewed of All Time: Knotsnappy
- Most Subscribed of All Time: NFKRZ
- Most Channel Comments: TheVideoGamer64
- Most Videos watched: Adel123Essam (7806)
- Most Channel Views: TheVideoGamer64 (6792)
- Most Videos: KnotSnappy (285)
- Most subscriptions: 11pixels (1876)
- Worst rated comment: plasmyte (-35)
- Best rated comment: NermalCat79 (75)

Quite the upgrade from last blog post, right?
Now I'd like to talk a bit over the future of VidLii.

As you may or may not have already found out, the community guidelines changed a bit. Generally no major changes.
Just stay out of drama and especially don't start it.
Racist videos and comments will also be deleted from now on and not completely ignored.
It's unfortunate that I had to do this, but a certain group of kids have nothing better to do than be an ass on VidLii the whole day.

Now on the brighter side, some cool features for the future:
- Mobile App
- Groups
- Vertical channel module alignment
- Annotations
- More Playlist Settings

Another thing that is planned for VidLii is a complete rewrite. The exact date isn't set in stone yet. It may happen between the above mentioned features, before or after.
The rewrite will include lots of smaller cool features, bug fixes and the ability to add new features faster.

So that's it for now. Thanks again to the official VidLii discord members, VidLiis Twitter followers, former VidBit members, ZippCast, Google (YouTube), Ali, AM, tw03.
There's a good chance that if a single person mentioned above didn't exist, VidLii wouldn't exist.

Thank you for reading this.

New Update Time!

Oct 26, 2017
Does anyone still read the blog? Well that doesn't matter as you're reading it now! Yes, these things have already been announced ages ago but it's about time the old blog got an update in more than a month. So, here's what's new:

Achievements! (Get notified for what you've accomplished!)
Simple update that tells you what you've achieved while supplying a bit of trivia about your own channel! Pretty cool, isn't it?

Themes! (Be stylish!)
Yes. Customize Vidlii to your desires without the need of an extension. Go crazy! Make themes for other people to use or use ones people have already created!

Awards! (You're on the records!)
Get awards for what you've achieved on Vidlii! Are you the #3 most viewed of this week in Gurus? Then display it loud and proud! Be proud that you are the #3 most viewed this week in Gurus.

Cosmic Panda! (Blast off into nostalgia!)
Ahh, 2012. When the world wasn't hellish. The peak of YouTube. Everything was going great. The Cosmic Panda channel layout was released with all sorts of backlash because people hate change. Well that and it was forced. We don't force it! It's completely up to you if you want to use the Cosmic Panda layout. (I like it.)

Now that we've told you all about these updates... why are you still reading this??? Go out there and use what we've just told you! Now enjoy the rest of your day or something!

~Database, your friendly moderator

New Comments Section!

Sep 20, 2017
I'm sorry for the late post again, but here it is:

So you might have noticed a change. That's right! A new comments section!
The new comments section has a new design and features to go along with it.
Some of these features have been highly requested, and we've listened!
Here's what's new:

Replies! You can now reply to a comment without having to mention the user. Not only is this better to use, it's easier to use for any newcomers who may find their way on to VidLii. It also doesn't cause a mess when it comes to comments as everything is neatly sorted in the new replies feature.

Top comments! Top comments have found their way on to Vidlii after being abandoned for years. The new (or should I say old... new? new's a pretty good buzzword so I'll go with that) top comments feature now shows the top 2 most liked comments at the top.

Channel icons are now in the comments section! Self-explanatory.

Again I apologize for the late post. I hope everyone reading this has a good day. :)

-Database, your friendly mod

The New VidLii Player (with customization) has been released!

Sep 15, 2017
Something that has been in the works for quite some time...
A brand new VidLii Player has been released!

Well... it's been out for some time but it just recently received an upgrade!

The new player has gained the ability to be customized with any color you'd like!
Change the progress bar color. Change the button color. The options are endless!

...actually, there are 274,941,996,890,625 different combinations.

Pretty much endless though!

Well, that's that for that quick announcement...



Aug 28, 2017
After a few months in development, Partnership is here and finished. We already have a few partners before I wrote this blog post, but it is now here. Here is a list of our current partners:


These are our current partners and this list is expected to grow over time. Thank you for using VidLii.



Aug 28, 2017
Partnership is here! You can now apply to be a partner.


Jul 28, 2017
It's been a while, it's time for a new blog post.

I this blog post I'll mainly make some stats about VidLii public which may or may not interest you. But I'll also tease some upcoming stuff at the end.

First of all let's start with the simple stuff:
- 768 Users
- 510 Unique Users
- 710 Activated Users
- 290 Use Channel 2.0

- 2090 Videos
- 5655 Ratings
- 2266 Favorites

- Records
- Knotsnappy (Most Viewed Channel
- AM (Most subscribed Channel | Not counting VidLii)
- TheVideoGamer64 (Most Channel Comments (1345) Written)
- Azoko (Most videos watched (2075))
- AM (Most Channel Views)
- Cazzy (Most Friends (211))
- 2017 (Oldest Channel)

Thank you for every member of VidLii. You're the reason why this place is so fun for everyone.

Some of the upcoming features are:
- Block Feature
- Custom Channel Font
- Homepage Customization
- Better Video / Audio Quality
- VidLii API
- VidLii Partners

The days & Weeks ahead

Jun 15, 2017
It's been a bit since the last blog post and I thought I'd let you know about the future of this website.

First of all I want to thank the users who use VidLii and motivate me to add new and exciting features.

The main features that were recently added are:
- Channel Backgrounds
- Channel Title, Description and keywords
- Avatar Uploads and Filters
- Channel Comments
- Other smaller things.

That's quite a bit for 3-4 days, so you can probably imagine how feature-rich VidLii is going to be in a month.
Here's some things I'm currently working on and will be released soon:
- Channel Transparency
- My Videos Page
- Playlists
- Featured Channels
- Bulletins
- Channel 2.0
- VidLii API

Also expect the VidLii design to change during that time to something better since the current design is based on the 2006 YouTube design and is limiting my ability to add new things.

~ Jan

NEW UPDATE & Why the name change?

Jun 11, 2017
First, lets start with the good news:
The site has been completely rewritten because the old code just couldn't be worked with.
That means that most of the things you complained about during the last 5 days is probably fixed or improved. Some of the changes are:
1. Featured | Recently Viewed pages now work.
2. Pages go up to 10 now.
3. Profile now work like "/user/VidLii" instead of "profile?user=vidlii"
4. Way more channel customization options (MORE TO COME).
5. Better video quality (Max filesize is now 350MB).
6. More file types supported.
7. Uploader has been improved.
8. Categories have been added.
9. A better looking friends tab.
11. UTF-8 character support
12. Some images are now in much higher quality

Those are some of the changes I can think of right now. Since that update was somewhat of an emergency there may be a few bugs which you can report to me in the discord:LINK

Now to the bad news: VidBit had to be renamed to VidLii due to threats of being sued due to me selling the previous version of VidBit to someone who apparently counted the name and logo "vidbit" as an asset.

For now still redirect to vidlii but that may change in the future.

Thanks to the community for staying loyal.