The days & Weeks ahead

Jun 15, 2017
It's been a bit since the last blog post and I thought I'd let you know about the future of this website.

First of all I want to thank the users who use VidLii and motivate me to add new and exciting features.

The main features that were recently added are:
- Channel Backgrounds
- Channel Title, Description and keywords
- Avatar Uploads and Filters
- Channel Comments
- Other smaller things.

That's quite a bit for 3-4 days, so you can probably imagine how feature-rich VidLii is going to be in a month.
Here's some things I'm currently working on and will be released soon:
- Channel Transparency
- My Videos Page
- Playlists
- Featured Channels
- Bulletins
- Channel 2.0
- VidLii API

Also expect the VidLii design to change during that time to something better since the current design is based on the 2006 YouTube design and is limiting my ability to add new things.

~ Jan

NEW UPDATE & Why the name change?

Jun 11, 2017
First, lets start with the good news:
The site has been completely rewritten because the old code just couldn't be worked with.
That means that most of the things you complained about during the last 5 days is probably fixed or improved. Some of the changes are:
1. Featured | Recently Viewed pages now work.
2. Pages go up to 10 now.
3. Profile now work like "/user/VidLii" instead of "profile?user=vidlii"
4. Way more channel customization options (MORE TO COME).
5. Better video quality (Max filesize is now 350MB).
6. More file types supported.
7. Uploader has been improved.
8. Categories have been added.
9. A better looking friends tab.
11. UTF-8 character support
12. Some images are now in much higher quality

Those are some of the changes I can think of right now. Since that update was somewhat of an emergency there may be a few bugs which you can report to me in the discord:LINK

Now to the bad news: VidBit had to be renamed to VidLii due to threats of being sued due to me selling the previous version of VidBit to someone who apparently counted the name and logo "vidbit" as an asset.

For now still redirect to vidlii but that may change in the future.

Thanks to the community for staying loyal.