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Welcome to BMF's second channel. Here I upload anything I don't really
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BigMushroomFan Thank you for 300 Subscribers!! New video should be coming soon. :) (4 years ago)
BigMushroomFan Hey, I opened a new Public VidLii Server. Feel Free to join. (4 years ago)
BigMushroomFan It's my birthday today! :D (4 years ago)
BigMushroomFan Almost finished my Halloween channel design, all I need to do is set a new channel banner which I’ll do in a few hours but I gtg to school for now. (5 years ago)
BigMushroomFan Just realised I now have 3,000 Channel Views. Thank you. :) (5 years ago)
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Iloveyouallblessingx (2 weeks ago) im on discord too but not sure i wanna be there it such a confusing place
i see you dont like to reply i guess being an admin is hard as is.. it a lot of work. i mean responsibility. lolwut is a friend right.
Iloveyouallblessingx (2 weeks ago) tell me what i can do to plz you.
Iloveyouallblessingx (2 weeks ago) sir i dont drink. none of jews crap.
im clean..
way smarter then the average person
mom say im too smart. she is joking. not that smart but pretty smart..
like a jew but not a jew. a goyim goy :D ^_^
KillALocalPedophile (3 weeks ago) Give me admin to save the site.
XoabLan (4 weeks ago) @spamattackagain oh, im really sorry about that, but what ur account is banned
Iloveyouallblessingx (1 month ago) playing god and ignoring invite. yawn.
Iloveyouallblessingx (1 month ago) your invite to discord is expired lol you love kids dont ye. you own them and do as you please. kids are not sex toy they are minor who havent grown up yet. steal their future, steal their innocent. poor kids they will never grow up to be normal human that can love and criticize others for being abusive. kids love ya very much abused or not.
Iloveyouallblessingx (1 month ago) @spamattackagain the system is so corrupt our freedom is an illusion we have limited freedom or privilege.. power corrupt any who have power over other.. like owner and slave.. if we are annoying disobey or are better then other we get punished with rigging like casino. lottery the house always win. unfair. the ruler class get jelly of any who is smarter and better then they are. faster. amusing and just better looking. very jealous people who will always see us as inferior and dumb down.
spamattackagain (1 month ago) @XoabLan instigating chink gook, you are like that kid named Randall Weems from that cartoon show called Recess. i see you posted your bullshit comment on my page about me posting porn, and yet you ignore other users who post worst shit than i ever did. total cock sucker you are
spamattackagain (1 month ago) @Iloveyouallblessingx yup, this website is only strict against only me and you, any other user who questions and fight against this corrupt vidlii system
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