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Welcome to BMF's second channel. Here I upload anything I don't really
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BigMushroomFan Estoy de vuelta. (2 months ago)
BigMushroomFan Thank you for 300 Subscribers!! New video should be coming soon. :) (5 years ago)
BigMushroomFan Hey, I opened a new Public VidLii Server. Feel Free to join. (5 years ago)
BigMushroomFan It's my birthday today! :D (5 years ago)
BigMushroomFan Almost finished my Halloween channel design, all I need to do is set a new channel banner which I’ll do in a few hours but I gtg to school for now. (5 years ago)
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KoawaVL (1 month ago) My videos are getting stuck at 1# in the queue while new videos keep uploading can you fix this but? Imma send this message to all vidlii mods
Iloveyouallblessingx (1 month ago) there a reason why i quit in june 12 of 2019
came back on 10 14 203.. 4 years later and 4 month..
lalinsky was fake friend i ask why dont you talk to me he say" i only care about my channel"
this piss me off a lot. that i could careless since.
Iloveyouallblessingx (2 months ago) i dont drink dont smoke dont do drugs im clean. i am sober..
most are drunk on week end im not. im a good person.
Carlton156 (2 months ago) very good man
Iloveyouallblessingx (2 months ago) bitview fan are treated much better here then I am at bitview who a whiner lacking self confident playing victim full of themselves. "vidlii is so toxic I close it and safe at" thanks for the laugh!
white777 (2 months ago) ok
Iloveyouallblessingx (2 months ago) hotdiggedydemon is hypermug1 same person. log in and out of the same time caught like a rat its over at bitview stalk and harass.. a pervert.
Iloveyouallblessingx (2 months ago) The system is run by corrupt few who lie to us that we are different race of people but are one and the same just variation of human they dont see us as human but as animal to lie to exploited for selfish gain at our expense divide and conquer always they love it order out of chaos is control for them.
Iloveyouallblessingx (2 months ago) i suspect jtal is black why the black bg hmm pride in blackness
george floyd death was fake just an actor still alive btw..a hoax.
Iloveyouallblessingx (2 months ago) Oyashima (1 day ago)
Wtf with the icon on Josesan,I prefer uncut to be honest and yes trophy Oyashima on scenesfeed was me.cranky is a gullible doofus rumored to be in a wheelchair himself,he also claimed to have a wife and is originally from Philadelphia
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