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Jun 04, 2017
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I'm a VidLii Moderator. If you have any questions or anything regarding bans, partnerships etc Please Message Me.

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Hello and welcome to BigMushroomFan, a lot of people know me as BMF but you can call me either one or call me Marcus, now what do I do on my channel you ask? I do plush videos and animations (Not many animations have been done yet) but I promise there will be more soon! Thank you for visiting my channel and subscribe if thats the stuff you’re into :)


- Partner Since August 24th 2017
- Featured on The original Vidbit x1
- Featured on Vidlii x7
- Winner of the June 2018 contest.
- Vlare Alpha Tester from September 20th 2018 - April 13th 2019.

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VidLii Moderator
If you have any questions or anything regarding bans, partnerships etc Please Message Me.

On BMF, I Make plush videos, The History Of episodes etc. So if you enjoy that type of content feel free to Subscribe!

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BigMushroomFan Thank you for 300 Subscribers!! New video should be coming soon. :) (5 months ago)
BigMushroomFan Hey, I opened a new Public VidLii Server. Feel Free to join. (5 months ago)
BigMushroomFan It's my birthday today! :D (7 months ago)
BigMushroomFan Almost finished my Halloween channel design, all I need to do is set a new channel banner which I’ll do in a few hours but I gtg to school for now. (10 months ago)
BigMushroomFan Just realised I now have 3,000 Channel Views. Thank you. :) (1 year ago)
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TheAnimator99 (2 weeks ago) otherwise i dont care.
TheAnimator99 (2 weeks ago) then if you said "it will remain banned" even if I will not be unbanned. also i didnt reupload my videos. also i decided to no more my videos when i am banned from my old account.
TheAnimator99 (2 weeks ago) ok, you just restore my subscribers to my TheAnimator99 account when people is going to unsubscribe to me when my old account got banned?, also you just restore my old videos to myanimator99 account?
TheAnimator99 (2 weeks ago) how can i wait to unban me today or next days?
TheAnimator99 (2 weeks ago) you read my comments?
TheAnimator99 (2 weeks ago) I do not want to know to say "no sorry." because my Mondo099 account got banned and i lost my videos. because i dont have my old videos on my files. i am not reupload my videos with my animator99 account, its just say my apologie to you when you banned me. please, reply me. i dont know if unban me and i promise never. ok?. also i am sorry for steal videos. because i will delete my "epic video" also i wont spam like my AVTP Accounts from feb, this is my response to you.
TheAnimator99 (2 weeks ago) hey, my account called "Mondo099" i say i am sorry for video stolen of doomy shitposts. because when you says "once your banned, your banned" i am not sure. because i promise i will did not upload never video stolen. also i wont to spam.
apreese16 (2 weeks ago) @OGBanEvasion Because this site supports free speech. Just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean it should be removed from the site.
OGBanEvasion (3 weeks ago) Why do you guys allow bullying and racist shit on here, and if someone blocks you they can still comment on your shit but you can't block them back
TheVideoGamer64 (1 month ago) That's good and you are welcome buddy. I'm good as well thanks for asking! :)
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