VidLii anywhere, any time. The VidLii API allows you to integrate VidLii's video content and functionality into your website, software application, or device.
Data API
The VidLii Data API allows you to easily retrieve information of different parts on the website for your own use.
User Data
Example Call:
    "registered":"2017-05-23 02:15:12",
Important: Getting the result: "false" means that this user has hidden this value from his / her channel.
Video Data
Example Call:
    r: "success"
    url: "EjdZOfJNwJE"
    title: "Vidlii."
    description: "the first time i'm doing any unironic editing for something with my new editing software."
    tags: "Vidlii, Vlare, formidable, Redexec, HeXa, Thebestbrosgamershow, bestbrosgamershow, Killsabyte, edray1416, edray, WACV, CL21, Craftinglord21, jreviews, jaycommitsmassmurder"
    category: "Film & Animation"
    upload_date: "2019-03-27 23:15:34"
    upload_by: "JTVLive"
    duration: "42"
    ranking_views: "40"
    display_views: "68"
    watchtime_minutes: "52"
    comment_num: "2"
    response_num: "5"
    favorite_num: "2"
    featured: "1"
    ratings: "0,0,0,0,3"
    ads_enabled: "1"
Optional Parameters:
"&o=comments" returns the comments instead
"&o=responses" returns the video responses instead
"&limit=16,0" sets the amount and offset of returned comments/video responses (Default is "16, Offset 0")
VidLii Data
Example Call:
        "title":"Sonic the hedgehog music: green hill zone",
        "upload_date":"2017-08-14 00:00:00"
        "title":"Howto Revert to Classic Google Layout (Chrome & Firefox)",
        "upload_date":"2017-08-12 21:14:10"
        "title":"Vidlii Time Capsule - Submit Vidlii Screenshots and Videos!",
        "upload_date":"2017-08-11 01:14:40"
        "title":"Test Animation (inspired By Alan Becker)",
        "upload_date":"2017-08-06 18:10:48"
Possible Targets (&ta=):
"featured": Returns the 16 most recent featured videos
"search": Returns the 16 most relevant results according to what you searched for. (&o=)
"watched": Returns the 16 most recently watched videos.
"new": Return the 16 most recently uploaded videos. Set (&o=) to a username and it will return this users most recent videos.