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Jun 10, 2022 by Distant
VidLii 2009
Extremely modified VidBit 1.1 theme (, probably won't work with themes made to work with it. **WILL NOT WORK WITH COMPACT HEADER** VidLii's compact header (styled after YouTube 2010 iirc) doesn't have a...
Oct 13, 2021 by ZaiazWithExperience
Emily is Away: YouToob - Toobcast Yourself
No it is not stolen! I seriously did everything myself! from the coding to the correct setting of the logo! Trakoize has created a theme with the same name, only that for strange reasons the theme does not work properly ( Link: https://www.vidlii....
Oct 10, 2021 by Alonso
This is for johak
johak my beloved :3
Sep 25, 2021 by NermNelly
VidLii - Final Design Update
This is my final theme for the old VidLii, before the new VidLii is out.
Sep 14, 2021 by 1
Jun 25, 2021 by lulz
More realism
More gradients and shadows!
Jun 15, 2021 by TF2Zaiaz
(Compact Header Update) Wheatlii 2.0
Wheatley from Portal as the VidLii logo? Why not
May 30, 2021 by Carloantu3
YouTube 2009 vidlii LOGO
May 28, 2021 by TF2Zaiaz
Wheatley from Portal as the VidLii logo? Why not
May 23, 2021 by ITAC85
Vidlii for Older Browsers
Removes all CSS elements that old browsers don't have support for, essentially making the site load better on older browsers. Please let me know if there's bugs in it, I'll fix it later.
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