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VidLii 2009
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Forces Header: Default Forces Login: X Creator: Distant Installs: ~1,004 Upload Date: Jun 10, 2022
Extremely modified VidBit 1.1 theme (, probably won't work with themes made to work with it. **WILL NOT WORK WITH COMPACT HEADER** VidLii's compact header (styled after YouTube 2010 iirc) doesn't have all of the necessary elements, so it will not work. Changes from VidBit 1.1: The border is made less than 1 pixel thicker to minimize scaling errors. The dimensions of elements are tweaked to be more true to YouTube's 2008-09 header (The search bar is longer due to VidLii itself being longer). Broken links are fixed ( doesn't exist anymore). Element spacing is tweaked to look better in higher resolutions. All CSS errors have been fixed (on Firefox, haven't checked on Chrome or Edge beyond "does it work?"). VidLii please add the ability to update themes omfg why