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May 16, 2018 by 11ryanc
Ali'sToob - YouTube Inspired Logo
In Memoriam, Ali
May 12, 2018 by Bobzilla
Blue Penguin Player (v1.2)
This theme makes the Penguin Player blue instead of red. I made this since I didn't like how the red clashed with the colors of the site, and Ali wasn't too keen on adding customizable colors. MAY THE GODS OF BUGS NOT TOUCH ME ONCE MORE PLEASE
May 11, 2018 by AnimaInVanillo
Cosmic Panda background
The Cosmic Panda background
Apr 28, 2018 by ittrgrey
(BUGFIX) YouTube 2010 for VL
Feb 25, 2018 by SuperMarioGIitchy4
VidLii 2007
Makes VidLii look like Youtube in 2007
Feb 18, 2018 by JC
Vidlii Blue 1.0
Nothing more than a simple palette change to Vidlii. There may be a few bugs at the moment but i am currently working to fix those.
Feb 17, 2018 by Adamos9898
Youtube 2010 Logo
Changes VidLii logo with Youtube 2010.
Feb 15, 2018 by TheTrollErrorsGuy65
Green VidLii (First Beta)
Just makes VidLii in dark green background, and normal green text.
Feb 14, 2018 by ittrgrey
(OFFICIAL) YouTube 2010 for VL
Reuploaded because some idiots keep stealing the source code. This is the official and original version. Anybody else claiming to have made this are lying.
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