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Will Smith plays Kahoot - THe EPiC ALbUM
From: Magik
Uploaded On: Apr 26, 2019
Feature Suggestions
Annotations It would be nice to have annotations on videos
Suggestion by: jklproduction
Please don't allow bot channels like toy channels These toy channels are not only grossly inappropriate but blemishes on Youtube. God forbid if they come here to gain money for trash content, they should not be allowed to even attempt, as it degrades the quality of the site in general and wrecks the community.
Suggestion by: SgtHeadcrab
Mentions of vanillo resulting in bans needs to stop! Apparently people are getting banned for mentioning vanillo. That is the most ridiculous reason to ban somebody ever. I mean if the moderator(s) think(s) that people mentioning moving to vanillo is bad enough for people to get banned. Can’t people use two sites at once? Anyways if users who got banned were planning to use both VIDLII or Vanillo, when they get banned, they lose all of their history on the site, ending up with the user now only able to use vanillo. Overall, banning people for mentioning vanillo is freaking dumb.
Suggestion by: SomeZeldaFan
Vidlii mobile app Vidlii mobile app.
Suggestion by: username777
Top Comments Like in the old YouTube, there used to be the 2 highest rated comments in the comment sections of every video. Bring this back!
Suggestion by: centri
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