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Best of CosmoCatKyoko's Metal Sonic Hyperdrive Let's Play
From: ChaosEmerald95
Uploaded On: Apr 19, 2021
Feature Suggestions
Subtitles & Break partnerships Please add subtitles and break partnershipes, because them need to avaliable for everyone.
Suggestion by: top10ofrabiz
Nyan cat progress bar I remember when the Nyan cat video got viral, the vid had it's own stylized progress bar whenever you played that certain video
it was pretty epic and I'd love to see that return
Suggestion by: GloomyGirl
Ban anything that was made after 2012 Please remove any videos with content that were introduced after 2012. This includes PS4, Overwatch and fidget spinners.
Suggestion by: PixelTheGizmoGuy
A little fix You have to click on the play button again to watch a video, not a big deal but I would like to see that fixed.
Suggestion by: Lordkey51
Dear Vidlii, There is a serious problem with the Education category. Users are spamming it with non educational videos. Some also post videos on that category using the N-slur or possibly defamation against other users. The users who do this are extremely defensive of their decision to spam the Education category with memes and vlogs, and if you tell them it’s against the rules, they go completely apeshit on you.

I think it’s time to enforce more serious restrictions on this site to prevent this from happening. Where’s the anti-bullying policy on this site?
Suggestion by: PCgamer2231
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