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Uploaded On: Sep 16, 2019
Feature Suggestions
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 layouts experiments i stil liked the old days of youtube
Suggestion by: Emiliano2019
Resend Email A good feature would be the ability to resend verification emails In case it fails to send or whatever.
Suggestion by: Jo291
Groups, and Sync-Watching Chatroom Groups, a classic, I don't think needs any introduction. The latter I can remember very vaguely from old Youtube when I was younger, but I feel it was very important and led to a sense of community and introduced me to new content on the platform. You could chat with other users while streaming a queue of videos, which is no longer novel but was something I never understood the removal of.
Suggestion by: Dollar
fake times make it so you can set the date a video was uploaded so then it looks more old instead of saying 2018
Suggestion by: RoryGaming
360 ° Video in future the option to upload videos in 360 °?
Suggestion by: morton
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By: Cazzy
I enjoy them! :)
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Awesome! :3
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By: george9559
@badstm True.
On Video: 2019-07-15-22-01-13
By: etaviviente
@MrAxel567 espero que ponga los kamen riders en boing que ese canal es donde pomen cartoon network en españa
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By: etaviviente
Lol ese se hizo un imperio nazi