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My name is Joshua and I love old YouTube so that's why I'm here.
Occupation: School
Schools: Leffingwell Elementary School, Granada Middle School, and in the future La Serna High School
Interests: Making bar graphs, going on the internet, finding old versions of websites.
Movies: Pretty much ANYTHING Disney but NOT the bad new Marvel movies, ewwwwwww
Music: Nothing to see here!
Books: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, most kids books in general actually.
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da coconut nut
da coconut nut 1 year ago
My first video!!
My first video!! 1 year ago
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joshuadzidrumstv commented on a video (4 months ago)
Me at the zoo
Congratulations on 100 million views on Me At The Zoo, also youre getting very close to 1 million subscribers on your youtube channel. When you hit it...
joshuadzidrumstv commented on a video (6 months ago)
Me at the zoo
Are you the person who changed the about section on your yt channel and added the playlist?
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Me at the zoo
Its almost been 15 years since you released this video on YouTube (just five more days lol), how do u feel about that?
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jawed (1 year ago)
of course i am :)
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