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Yo what is up guys x1extreme1x here this is my channel where I will be uploading a wide variety of mostly multiplayer fps games and maybe some rts games like command and conquer and starcraft. The game I will be uploading the most is halo 3 because it is the one I play the most and I am starting to become pretty decent at it. I will also take request for a game if it looks cool.

my xbox gamer tag
LeThugWaffle (I play here sometimes)
my steam x1extreme1x
Occupation: your mom
Schools: the school of pwnage
Interests: video games, music production, girls, weight lifting
Movies: the big Lebowski
Music: Aqua, Basshunter
Books: How 2 B0mb the US g0v3rnm3nt
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Counter Strike 1.6 Ganja Mod Free D...
thanks but weed is not good for you
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La historia de Netscape Navigator
@HeroddLoquendero2002 no I will no "go to play fornite" that game stinks!
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Sapari Cat Dancing
@HeroddLoquendero2002 uh butts are not like volcanos so no it still does not make sense
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HeroddLoquendero2002 (2 weeks ago)
There are reggaetoners in VidLii, beware with they
MasamunyaLoquendo (2 weeks ago)
и если вам лучше заткнуться и выучить испанский
x1extreme1x (2 weeks ago)
I dont know if they fags or what search a nigga down and grabbing his nuts!
x1extreme1x (2 weeks ago)
wow what a great alternative to you tube it takes more than 3 days to upload a video!
MasamunyaLoquendo (2 weeks ago)
EL ANIME ES DE JOTOS :vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
x1extreme1x (1 month ago)
Porn123 (1 month ago)
Nice channel
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