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Jun 05, 2017
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1 month ago
You may have noticed I've been *very* inactive. I like VidLii, I really do. What I don't like is the community. Most of the content on this site is just trash, and I didn't come here to watch that trash. I came to see content from people who didn't want to use YouTube, or just people who make good content. However, you may know what happened. If not, well then. NFKRZ invaded, and brought all the awful people from YouTube. The story is too long to explain. I won't delete my channel and I won't delete the videos. I've stopped making videos entirely, so don't even bother looking at my YouTube channel either. I won't be sharing my discord name or anything, I'd rather not talk to people from this community, as the community is the reason why I'm leaving completely
UPDATE: Not coming back EVER. This site is hopeless. Bye. I was hoping for this site to become better. But sadly, the way things are going, it might never restore. This is the end. Enjoy your stay on this hopeless site.