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The plot of Elementz revolves around the eight (pre)teens:

Ryongerome Teren Oshinayara- loves to act yet he's also a curious adventurer when not at home.

Alexerome Teren Oshinayara-is the hasty yet lazy older brother of Ryon.

Sena Nukumii Yinara- is a shy yet energetic young girl.

Whittney Rea Tsujiro- the older persistent sister of Surtus.

Surtus Rea Tsujiro- An energetic and free-spirited younger brother of Whittney.

Esuna Nukumii Yinara- She a genius at everything she does & is the older sister of Sena.

Drayne Otamo Makuto- He's the somewhat silence and truthful twin brother of Drenee.

Drenee Otamo Makuto-Is the happy yet feminine twin of Drayne.

who figures out about they have the power of almost anything called Elementz which are divided into 6 types:

Alements-allows one to control anyones emotions,but under certain circumstances.It also always one to change or manipulate the shape of anyones Elementz. Except for Elements, it would take a Guardian-leveled Alement-wielder to pull that off.

Elements-The strongest out of the 6,its infused with other 5 Elementz and can only be used by The Guardians, New, Dark, Darkar Guardians, Universal Family Members & the Heroes of each planet.Its only weakness is the use of the other 5 in unison against it.

Ilements-Allows one to commune with animals, Nature & almost any (in)animate objects.It strangely gift its wielder with the ability to use ones body part as strong, sturdy, & painless weapon.

Olements-Allows one to manipulate anyone genders.Like with Alements, Olement can affect those of Guardian-Level if that individual excels at Guardian-level. Also allows the user to easily combine 2 different Elementz, doubling their powers.

Ulements-Allows one to utilized the terrain of environment around them giving them a wide yet selective assortment of elemental powers.The more abundant the element is the more powerful it become.

Yalements-the 2nd strongest Elementz, it allow the wielder to turn Elementz into their catastrophic form which makes it 3x to 7x theirs powers making them very destructive but can only be used by those of Guardian level.
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