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Age: 16
Get readdy for a BIG WHALOOP

Prns are They/metal/death/core/vampire/doggy/paw/purr/nya/gir/kitty/🍩
You can call me ben, pinkemena fluttershy or flutterbat me no care :p
Interests: I like mlp:fim and shopkins and mario and drawing
Movies: :3
Music: Ytpmvs metal mlp fansongs and super crazy electric stuff
Books: :3
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awesum face song but itz ME!!!!!! From: otx4
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BENGATE Ive gotten my new ponies and fixed their hair the best i could!! My little shelf for them is all organized and theyre in rows (1 year ago)
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BENGATE I got two fluttershy figures!!! I cleaned them up a bit but i used an incorrect method for yhe hair :-( when i get more softener ill be able to use it on their hair, i heard it works wonders for it (1 year ago)
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