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Nov 01, 2018
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Block13 was a kuwaiti comedy show similiar to SouthPark for a younger audience. It was made because SouthPark was banned in Kuwait , so Farooha Productions had to replace it with a show similiar to SouthPark but less offensive , a bit more based on Kuwaiti culture and more for a younger audience , this is how Block13 was created. This was also Director 13 first cartoon. This show aired for 3 seasons (2000-2004) and it had a website and pretty much everything , there was even Farooha plushes has you can see on my profile picture. It's a pretty clever show , the only problem is the animation , which was animated with Macromedia Flash 2 (from what Director 13 said).
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Director Nawaf Salem Al - Shammari ...
@orangenetwork Yes , there is I'm gonna upload ep3 in some minutes
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BLOCK13 (1 year ago) @MasterMauro Well , Season 3 is kinda rare since it was the last season that didn't aired too much cuz of Copyright strike actually appeared , the only channels to have the season 3 episodes (Like AL-Nazaer) sometimes cut some random scenes for no logical reasons and they upload the same episodes with a different name. But there's other stuff lost made by the same company like U TURN KIDS (a kids segment in the U TURN emission)or that one cartoon about Soccer called "Fareej" or something...
MasterMauro (1 year ago) hi again, i have another question @BLOCK13 , is there any lost episodes of the show that can't be found?
BLOCK13 (1 year ago) @MasterMauro Only 45 episodes (1 season = 15 episodes) were made since 2000 to 2004, they was supposed to be 5 seasons but since one of the animators/artists died of unknown diseases and also for racism in the show because one of the character is a black person saying "UgaBungaBungaBunga" and also, in the soccer episode, black players are represented as idiots and getting slaved. Because of this, the show got cancelled and nowadays only rarely air season 3 on TV (It's the best season).
TregTreg63 (1 year ago) allahu akbar
MasterMauro (1 year ago) @BLOCK13 how many more episodes will be there?
Dylanhestand (1 year ago) paul joseph watson
hafav (1 year ago) this show is good for children :)
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