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Hello, just getting away from the toxic cesspool known as YouTube.BE.
Occupation: Existing
Schools: NHS NPS
Interests: Tornado sirens (very apparent), Ceiling Fans, Fire Alarms, Old tech/appliances, Trains/Railroads, Elevators, HVAC
Movies: The Adventures of André and Wally B
Music: No Cock Like Horse Cock - Pepper Coyote
Books: Alone in the Woods by Redrusker
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redi speedpaint
redi speedpaint 6 months ago
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TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago)
Oh okay. I hope things continue to get better for you. :) Do you like video games?
TheVideoGamer64 (4 months ago)
Hi, how are you? :)
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Bus 604
My school has these buses. And some Blue Birds in the mix.
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VRChat Kmart | Black Friday Commerc...
Ah I remember Kmart's. There's still 1 operating in Marshall, MI and they are still around in Guam, Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands
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Harry O. Ricci Sirodrone│Toledo, ...
@THETRAINCHANNEL Glad you liked it. I try to upload as soon as possible ;)
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Harry O. Ricci Sirodrone│Toledo, ...
@CharlesFNeder1003 Thanks!