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kiki do you love me/???
DirtMagrin commented on a video (3 years ago)
@gayassdog YAY!!! I HOPE ME AND HER CAN ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) ALOT!! :0 :3
DirtMagrin commented on a video (3 years ago)
Lol (laugh out loud) he did Kiki do you love me song and he dance this is a funny fortnite video lmao (laughing my a**(ass) off)
DirtMagrin commented on a video (3 years ago)
(Memes) Peter Hurts His Knee
haha! this made me lol!! (laugh out loud) rofl!!! (rolling on the floor laughing) hope his knee gets better though :)
DirtMagrin commented on a video (3 years ago)
peter griffin die
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PETER.. i will miss you peter you made me lol (laugh out loud) at you so many times i will miss you i hope you come back some day p...
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gayassdog (3 years ago)

Oh man,

So we back in the mine,
Got our pickaxe swinging from,
Side to side,
Side side to side,

This task's a grueling one,
Hope to find some diamonds to-
Night night night,
Diamonds to-night,

Heads up,
You hear a sound, turn around and look up,
Total shock fills your body,
Oh no it's you again,
I could never forget those,
Eyes eyes eyes,
Eyes eyes eyes eyes,

'Cause baby tonight,
The creeper's tryin' to steal all our stuff again,
'Cause baby tonight,
You grab your pick, s
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