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GirlaPH Joined: Jun 16, 2018 Subscribers: 50 Video Views: 940 Channel Views: 169
Age: 27
Greetings and welcome to my channel! I only upload random videos such as YouTube Poop, Speakonia, and Commentary videos. I'm moving from YouTube just in case my YouTube channel gets terminated. I'm also thinking of doing Let's Plays in the future, but not right now. Hope you enjoy!
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GirlaPH WoW! Can't believe I reached 50 Subscribers! Thank you so much! :D (1 day ago)
GirlaPH Made playlists to make my videos organized. :D (4 days ago)
GirlaPH And I have finished uploading my videos until I make a new one that is. Right now I'm working on a Cuphead YTP. Enjoy! (1 week ago)
GirlaPH Jeez, people are leaving VidLii because of KingFatty. Look guys, if you don't like him, just block him. I'm going to be serious about this, but I like the current layout. At least KingFatty isn't bad as Ali (even though I never know him because I heard about what happened before I got here). So anyways, take a deep breaths and just let it go. (No, not the song lol). Anyways, I think I'm almost done with reuploading my old videos on here. (1 week ago)
GirlaPH And it's back to normal now. LOL (1 week ago)
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OniChan907 (1 week ago)
Hiya ^^
edray1416 (1 week ago)
I don't have a problem with the layout. It's the spamming from KingFatty that's causing the issues. As long as we have the ability to customize our channels and have our features like lists, bulletins, etc., I don't see the problem. It's KingFatty that needs to stop spamming. That's not a marketable strategy to attract new users.
Sayo (2 weeks ago)
@GirlaPH, Yeah, I wouldn't close my account. I'd just abandon it. I'm not closing my account, I'll just abandon it and get people to come here.
GirlaPH (3 weeks ago)
@Sayo Been thinking about it, after I finished reuploading some of my videos on here. I don't have any plans to close my YouTube account anytime soon.
Sayo (3 weeks ago)
@GirlaPH I'm fine. Sorry about your strike. It's time to leave YouTube.
Rin (3 weeks ago)
Hey, you made it.
TheVideoGamer64 (1 month ago)
I'm glad you're doing good and ok. :)
Gososaku (1 month ago)
Hey it's good to see you here as well.
GirlaPH (1 month ago)
@Sayo @Gasamaru Good to see you guys again! YouTube's been shit now, now that I can't upload it for two weeks thanks to that second strike. <_< But anyways, how are you guys?
GirlaPH (1 month ago)
@TheVideoGamer64 Doing good, I'm still uploading my old videos since it might take sometime to upload them, since this site has some upload limits.
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