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Jun 05, 2017
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Randomness to include parody, comedy, music, travel, just weird stuff I decide to put into video.
United States
Free lance content creator
Licensed television production, Mount Hood Community College, Portland, OR
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InsanitySurfers commented on a video (3 hours ago)
Subs And Flubs (Comedy Pod-Cast) 2 ...
I am going to heed the warning to stay out of houses that are frozen over. You just never know what will be in there. :)
InsanitySurfers commented on a video (16 hours ago)
Water Crystals Effected By Consciou...
I remember this experiment. Yes, absolutely confirmation of the power of our energy essence to influence our world.
InsanitySurfers commented on a video (16 hours ago)
Avoid Discouragement People Can Be ...
Here is something I share with people. You are the best you that you can be. No one else can be better at being you than you. Be secure in that kno...
InsanitySurfers commented on a video (16 hours ago)
Dealing With People Who Make You An...
This is excellent and very much resonates with my personal views and how to handle these situations.
InsanitySurfers commented on a video (2 days ago)
Processed Carbohydrates vs Natural ...
Good points! I personally do not drink soda, nor do I eat pastries, candy, bread, chips, crackers or pasta. :)
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InsanitySurfers (1 week ago) @LAWBORN . . . no one diet fits all. It all depends on the individual metabolism, taste and other factors, but the video idea you have is a good one. I would love to see how people comment!
LAWBORN (1 week ago) I eat way too much processed junk food. Mainly, because it's easily accessible and convenient. I've been checking out diets like vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and keto. Many people swear that their diet is the best but, they don't agree with each other on what that exactly is. I have considered making a video just asking the question and seeing what people have to say because I don't really know how to answer what type of diet is the best.
TheVideoGamer64 (1 week ago) That's good and I'm doing good thanks for asking, I just relaxed and added a new video on my vidlii channel earlier.
InsanitySurfers (1 week ago) @TheVideoGamer64 . . . doing great. Hope you are, too!
TheVideoGamer64 (1 week ago) Hey I hope you're doing great. :)
InsanitySurfers (2 weeks ago) @LAWBORN . . . I am mostly vegetarian but when I have a lot of physical work to do, I need some meats in order to have the energy to sustain my muscle strength. I do not eat fried meat or heavier meats like chops, ribs, burgers, sausage or hot dogs. Those tend not to digest as well.
LAWBORN (2 weeks ago) Ever tried a vegetarian diet?
InsanitySurfers (2 weeks ago) @Kandace . . . this has been a really strange weather week. I was looking at just how far down that Arctic front has come and I hope you can stay warm. Maybe now things will get back to being more seasonal? *Hugs*
Kandace (2 weeks ago) Hey Linda, thanks for your comment on my new vid. The resolution was a bit disappointing but oh well. Hope you're having a nice weekend. Its nearly freezing down here ! xx
InsanitySurfers (2 weeks ago) @LAWBORN . . . life sustaining medications if you need them, MRE's, water, documentation that might be needed in a new location, and if I had a device like you have, Cheyenne. :)
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