Hector Isidoro Milano, Jr.
IsisInvicta Joined: Aug 09, 2018 Last Sign In: 1 day ago Subscribers: 3 Video Views: 87 Channel Views: 120
Age: 28
Proud to be a Millan. I'm a ♉, Rocker-Metalhead, Anime Lover, Pantheistic-Pagan, and Bernie supporter #NeverBiden #NeverHillary #NeverTrump
Occupation: Author
Schools: South Texas College
Interests: Exercising, Studying, and Walking in the Forest.
Music: Rock, Metal, Goth, and Punk Music. I don't like Rap or Hip Hop.
Books: I am a bookworm, so I enjoy reading books alot. I am mainly into History, Fantasy, Science, and Horror.
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Black Sabbath - Iron Man From: IsisInvicta
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Black Sabbath - Iron Man
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Stay back in 2009 dweeb
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