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KinaKingy Joined: Jan 28, 2019 Last Sign In: 1 year ago Subscribers: 1 Channel Views: 26
Occupation: Dibujante y Animador
Interests: Hacer amigos, disfrutar esta hermosa página y conocer más a fondo el antiguo Youtube.
Movies: Fragmentado, WI-FI Ralph, Stickman
Music: Música de Videojuegos, Steven Universe o música pop.
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(Reupload) Title.wma/Windows xp Wel...
The music that plays after you install Windows xp. I previously uploaded this before but I found a small audio glitch. Also, the video was about 20 s...
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(Reupload) Title.wma/Windows xp Wel...
I remember having Windows XP in my old PC, playing those games... seeing those videos... this music, is just so powerful.. the nostalgia is stronger t...
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