You like popsicles?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What program do you use?
A. Sony Vegas 5

Q. wHeRE Did U gEt tHAt sCaRY KrAbS pIC FrUm?
A. You people never read this section did you?, you will just keep asking. So I will keep you wondering. I've answered this so many fucking times.

Disclaimer: I Don't own anything used in my videos. I only "recreated" them for the lulz. No profit is made from them. The fuck you think people pay me for this?

Influences : Manwith10toes, KingNecroPope(YOUCANTKILLTHEPOPLE), Xampl3

Similar to: AbsoluteBillion, Captpan6, MTB710

I turn children TV shows and other stuff inappropriate. Also those that just don't make any bit of sense. If you like my videos, great, you are some of the few that "get it".
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