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I enjoy psychedelic experience more then anything else in the world (literally) I have found psychedelic experiences to be the most significant part of life so far. I have tripped on acid somewhere between 170 - 250 times by now & IT NEVER GETS OLD! But I wish that I had gotten into trippin earlier in life then age 22. Had I only known what I was missing out on all those years prior to such ages of sorts for more trip reports...
I can't upload most of my videos because of the limited bitch-shitted size limit vidlii has so they are on youtube instead.
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Trippin Acid With Maymay up in a tr...
@maymay lol what are the odd's?
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ME & JOHN; cherry creek -part 4
@Revisioned just 1 of the many physical properties about me...
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HEAVY steel clete slamming HUGE ste...
This was actually WAY louder then the bitch ass sound deadening fuckin POS camera picked up.
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LysergicBrainwave commented on a video (3 years ago)
How YouTube's new logo was made.
Yea, that's what happened all right...
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LysergicBrainwave (10 months ago)
If there is anything that's to be said about this channel; it's that this channel says anything that I say about saying what's to be said about talking about; what to say!
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