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I have resisted innumerable calls over the past month to prohibit these monkey videos

I appreciate it- lolwut
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TopGnome (1 month ago)
Why are third worlders such disgusting and immoral people? You're closer to the monkeys you torture than to real humans
pacocarlos044 (1 month ago)
I missed the golden days of baby monkey torture :( :( :( :( can someone show me the way to Grace please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
ramarama23 (2 months ago)
god you can't go anywhere without the monkey fuckers these days. I don't get it, do you watch it because CP is illegal? Because you live in some southeast asian shithole and deal with monkeys all the time? Because a monkey threw poop at you as a little kid?

I don't get it with you people
lemonpop2 (2 months ago)
kill yourself
CallmeBitches (4 months ago)
@ThyBonesConsumed the sexual abuse ones are disgusting not gonna get an argument from me there, and good job ignoring the murder that was obviously a torture from getting stabbed, and we don't defend ourselves regarding this. We know it's depraved shit, but we can't fight animal instinct anymore than u can fight being a whiney little bitch. And we pvt our accounts cuz we don't need people bitching at us every 30 seconds, now I'm done, if you reply I won't be able to see it. Have a good one
ThyBonesConsumed (4 months ago)
@CallmeBitches Nice whataboutism. The difference is that a lot of those suicides don't involve torture. No matter how you monkeyfuckers try to defend this shit, it's still thinly-veiled pedosadism in the end since most of these videos involve baby monkeys either getting physically or (in some cases) sexually abused and since monkeys are the closest animals to humans.

Also, if you monkeyfuckers aren't total pussies, then why do you fags private your channels?
CallmeBitches (4 months ago)
@TheBonesConsumed i think its funny people are all chill when a guy shotguns his head off or someone is being stabbed to death but monkeys getting messed with ooooooh shit! we've gone too far. Hypocrites
ThyBonesConsumed (4 months ago)
Doesn't mean freedom from consequence. Enjoy your ban, faggot.
MZzz (4 months ago)
Freedom of Speech!!!
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