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Take part in extracurricular student life

It seems to me that you should definitely try to prove yourself in some university clubs, of which there are many: from sports to squads. This will give you new acquaintances, opportunities, and maybe even just a distraction from studying. The main thing is to get as much experience as possible! Get a part-time job, participate in conferences, grant competitions and just prove yourself. Studying is a time when you can try to prove yourself in any field from scratch. You already have all the opportunities open to you, but you are not yet burdened with a wild array of commitments.

At Novgorod University you can go to sports clubs and take part in competitions, join a hiking club and go hiking, take vocal or dancing lessons, learn to play the guitar for free, or try your hand at creative work.

Young adolescence is a time when you can carefree try things out, shed the shackles of schoolwork and find out what's really important to you. And live communication is the most honest reference point here. Generally, student life begins in the group, and the first event created to bring the group together is initiation. There are departmental initiations, institute initiations, university initiations. In our group circumstances were such that the pulpit initiation was a formality, and only three people came to the institute initiation. The three of us ran around the stations and answered the questions. It was a bit of a shame that most of the group couldn't make it. Perhaps that's why, in the following years, I even joined my own station. It was a really enjoyable and rewarding event. Also, as an artist, I would recommend not missing out on all sorts of exhibitions. There are exhibitions organised by the university itself or by institutions, and then there are annual exhibitions of the youth section of the Novgorod Union of Artists. Everyone from 16 to 35 years old is welcome there. The very opening, the feeling of having your work on display, your relatives supporting you - that's tremendous energy! Everyone needs fulfilment, in any kind of activity. As one of them in my student years - exhibitions.
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